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German Shepherds are one of those breeds that I like to admire from far away. Their pointy ears, black and brown coloring, and lustrous fur make them truly beautiful.  While I would love to have one, they need a lot of training, socializing, and tons of exercise, which I could not offer. They are also incredibly smart, as we know, since we see them as police dogs or drug detectors. I may not be able to have a beautiful German Shepherd by my side, but I can admire all the unique gifts made just for lovers of this breed. Here are just a few of the many cool gift ideas for your German Shepherd-loving friend, family member, co-worker, whatever! German Shepherd Gold Necklace: Swap your German Shepherd t-shirt with this simply stated necklace. A subtle way to show your love without looking like a crazy dog lady. Purchase here. $20…

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