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Hello again! Welcome back to our monthly feature of amazing gifts for dog lovers! This month I’ll be featuring one of the more popular breeds, the French Bulldog, or as most people call them, the Frenchie. Their flat noses, wrinkly jowls, expressive eyes, and rounded ears melt our hearts. They are known to be social, friendly, affectionate, and perfect for living in smaller spaces. A lot of people get them confused with the Boston Terrier, as they are very similar. However, they tend to be shorter, have wider faces, and a more variety of fur patterns. Here are 8 great gifts that will sure to delight the  Frenchie lover in your life. Pardon My French Doormat. Click here to order. From Etsy. The perfect way to greet visitors! $44.00 2.  White French Bulldog earrings. Click here to order. From Doodleworm on Etsy. A fashion statement that goes with any outfit. $12.00…

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the vet (my dog had an ear infection, but he’s fine!), waiting for my appointment, and I took a few minutes to observe the different dogs and their owners, anxiously looking for their names to be called.  There was a woman who had a tiny Yorkie, telling me he was suffering from epilepsy, and this was their weekly visit; two older Beagles were getting weighed; a beautiful Husky was curiously sniffing the dog food in the display shelves; and a sweet little Frenchie was there for an annual checkup. While it is obvious that there are a lot of devoted dog lovers out there, it was really apparent at the Vet. All of us were making sure our furry family members got the best treatment possible. We would do anything for them. In honor of the devoted dog owners, each month I…

In honor of coming back to Sacco Studios, I want to do an awesome giveaway to my loyal customers – the ones who buy, follow, like, and tell other people to check out my website. That’s right, I’m talking about YOU! Need a new mug for your morning coffee? Or midnight hot chocolate? Maybe a great gift for your favorite “dog mom or dad”? This sturdy mug holds up to 20 ounces of your favorite beverage. Because sometimes, you need that much to get through the week. To enter, please “like” and comment below, telling me who you would think should get this awesome mug. If it’s you, I won’t judge! We all need a gift for ourselves. Contest ends Sunday, July 15th. Winner will be announced first thing Monday, July 16th. Until then, see you next time dog lovers!

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