french bull dogs


Hello again! Welcome back to our monthly feature of amazing gifts for dog lovers! This month I’ll be featuring one of the more popular breeds, the French Bulldog, or as most people call them, the Frenchie. Their flat noses, wrinkly jowls, expressive eyes, and rounded ears melt our hearts. They are known to be social, friendly, affectionate, and perfect for living in smaller spaces. A lot of people get them confused with the Boston Terrier, as they are very similar. However, they tend to be shorter, have wider faces, and a more variety of fur patterns. Here are 8 great gifts that will sure to delight the  Frenchie lover in your life. Pardon My French Doormat. Click here to order. From Etsy. The perfect way to greet visitors! $44.00 2.  White French Bulldog earrings. Click here to order. From Doodleworm on Etsy. A fashion statement that goes with any outfit. $12.00…

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