Well, Gant, it’s your birthday today. You are SIX years old. Thank god it’s your birthday, because otherwise I wouldn’t know what day it is. Taken in 2014. This will always be my favorite photo. This birthday, for you, is like any other. You don’t even know it is your birthday. You also have no idea that we are in quarantine. Every morning, you stretch your tiny body, crawl out of the layers of blankets, and then decide to lay back down because it’s 9:30 am and it’s too early to greet the day. It’s 9:30 am. It’s too early. Each day you get to enjoy doing what you love – chasing squirrels (or trying to) and then looking up at the tree to see where they went, gobbling up your favorite treat – the “bone bone”, alerting us every time the delivery truck arrives, and running around with a…

When you get a puppy, it’s like a new beginning. The chance to mold their personalities, train them how you want them to behave, and establish them as your furry family member. From the moment we brought Gant to our home to 6 years later, we showered him with affection, took him to training classes, bought him endless toys, and tried to earn his love with unlimited treats. At this point, we know his personality: his likes, dislikes, quirks, and daily habits. If you give him a pretzel, he only licks the salt off, then spits out the uneaten pretzel. What kind of monster does that? Or, during the night, he’ll be sleeping under the comforter in our bed, and then hours later come up for air, panting, and laying down on my pillow, all while spreading his paws and poking me in the back and practically kicking me out…

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