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Hello, dog lovers! Well, it’s nearly the weekend. Some weeks seem to slog, and go by way too sloooow. The kind where you think, “Is it really only Tuesday?!” Other times, the days are a blur, and before you know it it’s finally time…

Weekend Laughs, Part II

It’s nearly the end of the week, and I think we could all need a little laughter. Here are some comics that made me chuckle. I think all dog owners can relate!

Small Business Feature: A Big Friendly Ginger

Hello! Happy Thursday! I am sorry there wasn’t a blog last week. Family was in town, and of course, time got away from me. But, I’ve had some great projects in the works, including this awesome interview with “A Big Friendly Ginger” (@bigfriendlyginger), an…

My Favorite Dog Walking Podcasts, Part II

I swear, all I talk about are how much I love podcasts. I get so excited when a new episode appears; it’s like Christmas, but everyday! If you haven’t read My Favorite Dog Walking Podcasts, Part I, I suggest you head over there first!…

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