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One of the great things about owning a dog is you meet other dog-obsessed people, the ones you who can talk about dog sweaters for hours, or compare notes on the best food to feed them. When you find them, you hold on to them. No one better understands you.  So today, I am showing you some awesome gift ideas to give to your dog loving BFF.  If you missed my other gift guides, click here for ideas for your co-worker, for Secret Santa, and of course, Gant’s favorite gifts for lounging.  What about a beautiful custom portrait? All you have to do is send photos of their dogs (and/or cats!), choose how many pets you want, and voila! Choose from a variety of background colors. Your BFF will love such a meaningful gift.  From $40 and up.  Click here to purchase. Is your BFF a jewelry lover? Get them…

German Shepherds are one of those breeds that I like to admire from far away. Their pointy ears, black and brown coloring, and lustrous fur make them truly beautiful.  While I would love to have one, they need a lot of training, socializing, and tons of exercise, which I could not offer. They are also incredibly smart, as we know, since we see them as police dogs or drug detectors. I may not be able to have a beautiful German Shepherd by my side, but I can admire all the unique gifts made just for lovers of this breed. Here are just a few of the many cool gift ideas for your German Shepherd-loving friend, family member, co-worker, whatever! German Shepherd Gold Necklace: Swap your German Shepherd t-shirt with this simply stated necklace. A subtle way to show your love without looking like a crazy dog lady. Purchase here. $20…

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