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Well, Gant, it’s your birthday today. You are SIX years old. Thank god it’s your birthday, because otherwise I wouldn’t know what day it is. Taken in 2014. This will always be my favorite photo. This birthday, for you, is like any other. You don’t even know it is your birthday. You also have no idea that we are in quarantine. Every morning, you stretch your tiny body, crawl out of the layers of blankets, and then decide to lay back down because it’s 9:30 am and it’s too early to greet the day. It’s 9:30 am. It’s too early. Each day you get to enjoy doing what you love – chasing squirrels (or trying to) and then looking up at the tree to see where they went, gobbling up your favorite treat – the “bone bone”, alerting us every time the delivery truck arrives, and running around with a…

As most of you know (or if you read my about page), I have a Boston Terrier named Gant, who is the inspiration behind Sacco Studios. You’re probably wondering, “why haven’t you done a feature on them?!” well, lately, Boston Terriers seem to be everywhere, from cute handbags, to shoes and more! It’s really easy to find something when their adorable faces. But, I can’t resist and must do a Boston Terrier guide. I’m going to show you some products that I’m obsessed with, and even currently own! So now you can proudly proclaim your love of the “The American Gentleman”! Boston Terrier pajama set – $68.00 from Kate Spade. Whether you’re headed to bed or lounging watching your favorite show, you’ll always be stylish. I bet you could even get away with wearing the shirt while running errands! Click here to shop. Boston Terrier Boxers, $8 from Banana Republic.…

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