Forget the stupid cards, the boxes of chocolate, the overpriced flowers, and any other dumb marketing that makes you feel less than because you may not have a significant other. Instead of thinking about this day only honoring those who have a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/whatever, think about it has a day to realize all the people that love you unconditionally, everyday of your life. Your best friend, your grandmother, your favorite aunt. Maybe your sister. How about your coworkers who make work bearable everyday? Or even better, your DOG! The one who licks your face any chance they get, who keeps bothering you every 15 minutes to throw the ball. Who takes up half your bed even though they’re only 20 pounds. Don’t have a dog? Maybe you have a cat, or a frog, or a lizard. Doesn’t matter. These animals love you unconditionally, no matter your relationship status. So today, here…

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