Hello! I’m so excited to bring you… Gift ideas for the Rottweiler Lover!

While they are one of the most popular dog breeds in America, there are a lot of misconceptions about them. First off, they are seen as aggressive and vicious. Like any dog, you give them the right care, love, and training, and they’ll be a wonderful family dog. There’s even an article saying Chihuahuas are more aggressive! That small dog complex, I tell you!

Rottweiler Hat

Beat the heat in style with this adorable embroidered baseball cap! Comes in a variety of colors. $18.95. Click here to shop.

Rottweiler Cookie Cutter

A great excuse to make your favorite cookies (as if you need one) or dog treats! $5.99. Click here to shop.

Rottweiler T-Shirt

All you need in life are coffee and your favorite pooch! Comes in an adorable box! $24.95. Click here to shop.

Rottweiler Coffee Mug

Wake up every morning with a perfect mug for your perfectly pressed coffee. $15.00. Click here to shop.

Rottweiler Blue Print Art

Get a custom blue print of your pooch, customizable with their name! A great modern art piece for any room. $49.99. Click here to shop.

Rottweiler Sticker

Give your notebook, car or phone some attitude with this fun decal! $7.99. Click here to shop.

Rott Phone Case

Keep all your credit cards in one place with this fold over iphone case! $45.00. Click here to shop.

Rott Wine Glass

Drink your Cabernet in style with these adorable etched glasses. Get an extra for a friend. $16.99 and up. Click here to shop.

We hope you find these gifts useful for your next occasion – birthdays, holidays, just because! To see other dog breeds, click here

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