Hello Poodle Lovers! According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), The Poodle is the 7th most popular dog breed in the United States. It’s no wonder they’re so liked – they’re incredibly smart, eager to please, and don’t shed! There are three different kinds – the miniature, male standard and female standard. These gift ideas for the poodle lover is for all sizes, large and small! Enjoy!

Poodle Pin

Power to the poodle! Show off your amazing powers with this adorable pin. Wear it on your jean jacket, backpack, handbag…the possibilities are endless! $2.34. Buy here.

Poodle Beanie

Keep your head warm (and stylish!) with this adorable poodle beanie. Get ready to hit the slopes (or throw a perfect snowball!) $12.99, shop here.

Poodle Tee

Look stylish and pay homage to your favorite breed with this adorable shirt! You’ll want to take tons of instas when you’re wearing this shirt! $21.90+ depending on size. Shop here.

Poodle Dish Towel

I gave the Boston Terrier version as a gift last year, and I just love the quality. Drying the dishes will be so much more enjoyable (and funnier!) $18.00. Shop here.

Poodle Lover Art

If I’ve learned anything from knowing Poodle lovers, it’s that they have a very specific style they like their poodles fur cut. This adorable art shows all the fun styles – perfect for any dog grooming business! In a variety of sizes, starting at $20.00. Shop here.

Poodle Lover Stickers

These awesome stickers will spruce up your planner, notebook, phone case…whatever needs a little “Poodletude!” Comes in 5 different colors, as shown here. $2.39+ Shop here.

Poodle Lover Baby Clothing Set

Your family and friends will be oohing at awwing not only at your adorable baby, but at the matching poodle clothing set! $53.00. Shop here.

Poodle Pillow Cover

Add “Poodle Pizzaz” to your living room! Personalize with your dog’s name on it! $17.84 and up. Shop here.

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