I am obsessed with Great Danes. With a combination of their tall, lanky bodies and their lovable faces make them “Gentle Giants” (They can weight up to 175 pounds!) They are known to be incredibly affectionate, dependable, and patient. People love them so much, they even get a bigger apartment so their Great Dane can fit!

The only downside is because they are such large dogs, they only live for about 6 years. Maybe 8 if you’re lucky. The larger the dog is, the shorter their life span.

But it doesn’t stop us from loving these gentle “Beasts”! So this week we are rounding up some of our favorite gifts for Great Dane Lovers!

Great Dane Magnet, $6.99 from Etsy
A cute play on their enormous size. Where are you sitting?

Great Dane Art Print, starting at $10.82, from Etsy.
This pop-art styled print will look great in any room.

Great Dane Cake Topper, starting at $17.51 from Etsy.
Getting married soon? This is a great way to incorporate your favorite pooch! Once the cake is eaten, put it on a shelf for a memorable keepsake.

Great Dane Ornament, $12.00 from Etsy.
Great for Christmas trees, but during the off-season, hang it along a short wall or on a keychain.

Great Dane T-Shirt, $23.95 from Etsy.
I mean, true. It’s just on a t-shirt.

Great Dane Mug, $19.99, from Etsy.
Because you can never have enough stuff with Great Danes on it.

Great Dane Ball cap, 12.74, from Etsy
Show your love of this breed while keeping your face protected. Comes in a variety of colors.

Great Dane Personalized Stationery, $24.00 and up (Depending on number of cards) from Etsy
You’ll always have stylish thank you notes to send!

That’s all for this week! Are there any other awesome gifts you’ve given to Great Dane lovers? Sound off in the comments below!

Also, what breed would you like me to do next? My goal is to get all of them, so let me know! Yours could be next!

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