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New Products in September!

Product Review: Fi Collars

Review: Fi Smart Collars

Small Business Interview: My Whiskey Girl

Small Business Feature: My Whiskey Girl

Product Feature: Gant’s Favorite New Collar

Gant’s Favorite Collar

My Favorite Dog Walking Podcasts, Part II

I swear, all I talk about are how much I love podcasts. I get so excited when a new episode appears; it’s like Christmas, but everyday! If you haven’t read My Favorite Dog Walking Podcasts, Part I, I suggest you head over there first!…

My favorite dog-walking podcasts: Part I

Lately, it seems I listen to a lot more podcasts. I couldn’t tell you the top 10 hits on Spotify, but if you have an hour, I’ll talk your ear off about my favorite shows. I love listening them when walking my dog. The…

Monthly Feature: Great Gifts for the German Shepherd Lover

German Shepherds are one of those breeds that I like to admire from far away. Their pointy ears, black and brown coloring, and lustrous fur make them truly beautiful. ¬†While I would love to have one, they need a lot of training, socializing, and…

Product Feature: Custom Portraits

You know what’s great about Labor Day weekends? You get a four-day work week! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Do you ever feel like the days just pass you by? With that being said, it’s time for this week’s blog post! Again, how…

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