Hello, dog lovers! Well, it’s nearly the weekend. Some weeks seem to slog, and go by way too sloooow. The kind where you think, “Is it really only Tuesday?!” Other times, the days are a blur, and before you know it it’s finally time to enjoy the weekend and sleep in. This week went by pretty fast for me…because it’s MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! My actual birthday was on Tuesday, but in my family we celebrate the WHOLE 7 DAYS. That’s right! Days of celebration. You get to choose what you want to do, without anyone complaining. It’s the best. Everyone should have a week, at least once a year, where it’s all about them. However, I’m going to give some of my celebration to you, my awesome dog-loving readers! I am offering a fun birthday GIVEAWAY! WOOHOO! I can hear you cheering now, I swear. You could win one of…

As a small business owner, one of my favorite things is collaborating with like-minded business owners who have the same passion and drive to make their dreams a reality. We learn so much from each other – our ups, downs, inspirations, and what keeps us going, because being an Entreprenuer is REALLY hard. This week, I am proud to partner with Melissa Portell of Letters by Angelie, a dog-loving business inspired by her late Boston Terrier, Angely.  She creates water color and acrylic pet portraits, as well as stickers, prints, t-shirts and pins. Read her story below, and then keep scrolling for an awesome giveaway! “Letters by Angelie sounds like a simple title, but it has a deeper meaning for me. My dog passed away on October 2, 2017. She was a fourteen year old Boston Terrier. I used to call her “my sweet partner”. I got her when I…

In honor of coming back to Sacco Studios, I want to do an awesome giveaway to my loyal customers – the ones who buy, follow, like, and tell other people to check out my website. That’s right, I’m talking about YOU! Need a new mug for your morning coffee? Or midnight hot chocolate? Maybe a great gift for your favorite “dog mom or dad”? This sturdy mug holds up to 20 ounces of your favorite beverage. Because sometimes, you need that much to get through the week. To enter, please “like” and comment below, telling me who you would think should get this awesome mug. If it’s you, I won’t judge! We all need a gift for ourselves. Contest ends Sunday, July 15th. Winner will be announced first thing Monday, July 16th. Until then, see you next time dog lovers!

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