Gant's Guide: A Message from Sacco Studios

I am not going to sit here and pretend like I know what black people are going through, or the things they endure almost daily just because their skin color is different from mine.

But as a white person of privilege, and a small business owner, I am going to do the following things, or continue to do them:

  • Donate to black civil rights organizations. This includes (but of course not limited to) bail out funds, resources for trans women of color, and art museums. Over the weekend, I promised to give a percentage of every mask sold to The Trans Women of Color Collective, an organization that helps trans women of color get essential resources, such as groceries, hygiene products and meals, economic avenues, and much more. You must check their site out. Thanks to you, my awesome dog-loving customers, I was able to send a donation. I plan on making more masks in the next coming weeks so I can donate to another organization in need, so stay tuned! You can purchase existing masks here.
  • Follow and support black owned businesses. I discovered Papier Doll Factory, a gorgeous jewelry boutique. I bought some amazing emerald stud earrings, and can’t wait to rock them this summer. Check them out here. I also couldn’t resist these ADORABLE lemon dangly earrings from Love Infinity Co, because lemons are delicious. Buy here.
  • Listen to my black friends and neighbors. My good friend from out of state has been sending me videos, news articles, and great quotes, and I make a point to look at every single one. Because if that’s what she needs from me, I am there.
  • Read and educate myself. I have been buying books from black authors, and have been riveted by every single one. So far I have read “I Don’t Want to Die Poor” by Michael Arceneaux and am reading “The Nickel Boys” by Colson Whitehead. I have also bought “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevensen. You can read a complete list here. Once I am done with those, I will buy even more. I am also watching more shows that have POC as their main or as a very developed character, such as “Never Have I Ever” and “We’re Here”. You must check these out if you haven’t already.
  • Support businesses that embrace diversity and inclusivity. For the past year, I have really tried to support brands that help the environment, pay fair wages, and use sustainable materials. But it’s not enough when they do not have POC as their models or only have white people running their company. My goal is to do a lot more research and put my money where my mouth is, and be proud wearing their clothing. One brand I just discovered is Yevu clothing, where they make the most beautifully bold dresses, tops and jumpsuits I’ve ever seen. Click here to check them out.
  • I want to be clear: I do NOT want nor am I looking for praise. This is something I should have done a long long time ago and it is shameful I am starting some of these initiatives now. But it is not too late. I want all my dog loving customers to hold me accountable, to be proud they are supporting a business that embraces diversity.

    If you want to add more resources, I’d love to check them out. Thank you for being part of the change.

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