A Recap of 2020


You know that saying, “The days go by slow, but the years go by fast?”, Well in 2020, the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and that whole year felt like it was going at the pace of a sloth.

It was full of anxiety, isolation, boredom, stress, trauma, and lots and lots of wine. And purging my closet and buying too much because I was tired of wearing the same sweatpants three days in a row.

But it was also the year I adapted, became more creative in my business, connected more with friends and family by actually making weekly zoom calls, and saved A LOT of money on take out.

And the year that snapped my white privilege back in place and showed me that I was complacent. In November, when we were waiting for the results of the election, I remember not being able to sleep because I kept refreshing the news in hopes the election results would be finalized. Then the terrorists attacks happened at the Capitol, and watching in horror as people hypnotized by Trump’s cult methods destroyed government property. And then my friends, most of my family, and my partner and I breathed a sigh of relief and felt the weights of Trump’s horrible term as president fall off our shoulders a bit after Biden and Harris got elected.

I just know I want to do better. And clearly we want to do better as a nation. So I am hopeful for this year. That I can learn from my mistakes, do better, and HUG someone in PERSON!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my business. It has continually grown each year, and I am excited to see what 2021 brings.

Below is a little recap of some of the moments that impacted me this year. I hope you enjoy reading them.


From Top Left: Gant with wine – Because I felt like I bought far more wine than normal. Thank god they sell it in grocery stores. Masks – These are my first masks I’ve made. After many attempts, I finally mastered the art of making face masks! Me outside – Last year, getting outside and increasing my exercise routine is one of the few things that made me stay sane this year. I took this photo because it’s one of the few times it made me feel powerful. Me with shop small bag – My favorite photo promoting SHOP SMALL businesses, especially those black owned. Gant and I – the last photo of 2020. We just finished all our orders, and were so ready for a break. Gant showing us how to NOT wear a mask! Next, Gant and I are matching. If you’re going to wear masks, might as well match. Gant wearing his Black Lives Matter bandana, and when I started taking action like donating to organizations, reading and educating myself, and many other initiatives that I will continue for the rest of my life to become more self-aware and try to be anti-racist. Me wearing an adopt don’t shop mask, where some of the proceeds were donated to rescues. And lastly, my daily mood – I NEED A QUARANTINI!

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