10 Things I've Learned About My Dog During Quarantine

When you get a puppy, it’s like a new beginning. The chance to mold their personalities, train them how you want them to behave, and establish them as your furry family member. From the moment we brought Gant to our home to 6 years later, we showered him with affection, took him to training classes, bought him endless toys, and tried to earn his love with unlimited treats.

At this point, we know his personality: his likes, dislikes, quirks, and daily habits. If you give him a pretzel, he only licks the salt off, then spits out the uneaten pretzel. What kind of monster does that? Or, during the night, he’ll be sleeping under the comforter in our bed, and then hours later come up for air, panting, and laying down on my pillow, all while spreading his paws and poking me in the back and practically kicking me out of the bed. It’s bliss I tell you.

We thought we knew everything there was to know about Gant. But being in quarantine for over a month has taught us even more about our little 25 pound Boston Terrier. Who knew you could learn so much? This is what we have learned so far:

  1. He’s ready for us to leave. Preferably for the whole day. On a normal day, I’m out and about, running errands or heading to appointments. Eric is teaching at the nearby school. He gets so excited when either of us come home. Now? His favorite spot is the bed, staying as still and quiet as possible, hoping we won’t find him and annoy him with our affection. If walk in the bedroom and sit to pet him, he immediately goes under the bed. As if he’s saying, “PLEASE, GO OUT! I WON’T EVEN SIT ON YOUR FANCY CLOTHES WHILE YOU’RE GETTING READY!”
  2. He’s actually part cat. Most dogs I’ve encountered LOVE affection. They lay on the floor, exposing their belly so you can pet them. If you stop, they give you the death stare until you continue. Our dog? The minute we sit on the couch next to him and try to pet his ears, he immediately gets off and sits on the floor. The only affection he likes is licking your ear (or Eric’s beard) until it’s so full of saliva it actually turns grey. I’ve seen the evidence. He’s the kind of dog that likes to be in the same room as you, as long as you don’t look at him, pet him, or move an inch.
  3. Golden Girls is the only show he won’t go bonkers when the doorbell rings on each episode. Normally, he’ll bark incessantly and run to the front door, banging on it so hard you’d think someone was running into it. I’m guessing GG tested different doorbells with dogs present to see which one didn’t cause them to react. That’s why they were the most watched show back in the day.
  4. He’s a ball snob. If I throw the wrong ball, he’ll sit there, watching it go by, as if to say “Try again, and don’t embarrass yourself this time”.
  5. We have our very own delivery notification service. Before the FedEx or Amazon or UPS guy pulls UP to our driveway, he goes bananas, barking as if it’s the end of the world. Now we don’t have to wait for them to ring our doorbell for him to attack the door as if it’s the last thing preventing him from running out and shouting “I’M FREE!!!”
  6. He has a new favorite pee spot. I bought this cute frog from HomeGoods for our front yard. Now the poor frog who is sitting gracefully under a tree gets urine on its head. Poor frog.
  7. No more welcoming committee. Before quarantine, Gant would sit in front of the door, waiting for me to come back from my daily walks. Now? He looks at me, as if to say “You’re back already? Maybe you should go on another mile. I saw you eating all those M&M’s last night.”
  8. He MUST watch you pee EVERY TIME. Because nothing ruins your privacy like a dog tapping on the door and whining.
  9. The dining room is his space. It’s not actually for eating fancy meals. We put a nice table, chairs, and French artwork so the dog felt at home.
  10. (Last but not least) If he’s not giving you the “nobody loves me and hasn’t played with me in 5 minutes” look, then it’s not a typical day that ends in a “Y”.

    Enjoy the following photos of Gant being Gant.


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