Small Business Feature: Orlando-Based Event Planner, Overeasy Events

This week I'm so excited to be interviewing Orlando based event planner Overeasy Events !

Overeasy Events is located in Orlando, Florida area, founded in 2013 by Lora DeLorenzo. I had the pleasure of interviewing her to find out about how they started this business, how she makes your event amazing, and advice for dog lovers who want to include their pooch on their special day! 

Tell us a little about yourself, and how you came up with the name "Overeasy."



Though event concept, design and coordination are my specialties, the drive to start this company came from years of falling in love with the people and culture in the Orlando community.

After graduating from Johnson and Wales University in 1995, I began working in the hospitality industry, which led to another love: wine! I earned my 2nd level Certificate from the International Sommelier Guild. Next, I fulfilled my dream to open a restaurant, operating a 100-seat full-service bar at Lake Eola (Florida).

I also developed my passion for helping children in need, so I co-founded the local non-profit Bridges of Light.

This passion for food, wine and people inspired the creation of Overeasy Events. I wanted to offer an event planning company that managed every detail, from site selection to budget development, menu planning and entertainment.

The unique elements of Overeasy Events are portrayed in our aesthetic name and logo, which pictures a pleasing and stimulating color palette that correlates with the ideals behind the company: Stress free, fun events. 

What services do you offer?

Overeasy Events is a full service wedding and event planning company. We specialize events in the Orlando area, where clients can plan all types of events; from a wedding to a milestone celebration to a corporate luncheon to a baby shower.

In addition, we provide event design services, and are happy to assist with the process of recommending and securing trusted vendors and venues.

Tell us about your two adorable pups, Charlie and Flash DeLorenzo!

Flash and Charlie are Overeasy Owner Lora’s fur-babies! They are happy to provide services at your event upon request! You can frequently find them enjoying a ‘mocktail’ at The Alfond Inn in Winter Park. 

In your recent blog post, you talked about how to incorporate pets in various ways on your special day. Can you tell us about a time when a couple did a great job highlighting their dog?

Just like our human guests, pups have to be entertained too! One of the most successful incorporations of man’s best friend into a wedding was accomplished by our preferred catering vendor, Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine and Events at a local venue a couple of months ago.

The happy couple had not one, but two furry companions that were very important to their wedding day! This idea could be a recipe for disaster, but instead all four-legged guests were entertained with a “doggie bar” that cleverly exclaimed “Bone Appetite!”. A chalkboard read, “all you need is love…and at least one dog” because the more furry friends, the better!

The setup was complete with an assortment of doggy treats, tennis balls and a picture of the happy couple with their two adorable pets.


If you want to make an event all-around pet-friendly, we recommend featuring a similar setup that will keep pups entertained and look amazingly aesthetic along with your décor. We have not seen disaster strike with pets at an event, but we tell clients to remember that their pup’s unpredictable behavior is just part of the fun!

I’ve also seen dogs being included in the “getting ready” portion, with either the bridal party or the groomsmen. Can you provide any advice for those who want to have their dog during this time?

For couples who are interested in having their pets involved in the “pre-wedding” festivities, like getting ready with the wedding party, we do have a few recommendations:"

  • Make sure that someone who is not in the wedding (or the bride or groom!) are responsible for the pets; their food and water, going out to use the bathroom, and transportation to and from the venue.
  • Make sure that the photographer and event planner both know about the animals and their timeline. If they’re supposed to be in pictures, make sure that everyone is on the same page about where and when those will take place! 
  • Make sure that the pets stay on their leashes, even if they’re usually very well behaved. There is a lot of activity and excitement before a big event like a wedding and the number of new people they’re meeting may overwhelm pets. 
  • Keep valuable items and expensive clothing up off the furniture and floor if pets are around. You would hate to have paw prints on that wedding gown or for a bouquet to turn into a snack! 

Can you recommend some great local venues that are either dog-friendly or can accommodate dogs? 

A surprising number of venues in the Orlando area would love to welcome your sweet dogs into your events; after all, they’re family too!


East End Market in the Audubon Park Garden District can accommodate 10-200 guests and has a beautiful outdoor Courtyard for guests and animals alike to enjoy. The Courtyard is set amidst the gardens and uses materials such as wood and touches of local florals throughout making it a one-of-a-kind venue.




Quantum Leap Winery in the Mills 50 District is contemporary, yet rustic and is an urban winery conveniently located near downtown, ideal for private events large or small with space for your furry friends!

Finally, the Winter Park Farmers Market is both unique and historic and has a wonderful outdoor patio perfect for the amazing Florida weather that your pets can enjoy. The venue requires little décor as the gorgeous setting speaks for itself, ideal for wedding receptions and corporate events.

When a couple comes to you and wants to include their dog during their special day, what are some of the first questions you ask them? Or things they must consider? 

Of course, we first have to consider the venue and make sure the dog can be just as involved as the family!

After confirming a pet-friendly venue, we have to loop the photographer into our ideas for highlighting the pooch and preparing fun photography concepts (and preparing them for any unpredictable puppy behavior!).

I also like to have a conversation with the client about their dog’s personality, will he or she be comfortable with a large crowd? Does the pet prefer to be on a leash or held by a friend to put him or her at ease?

We love to recommend that the client lets the guests know the pet will be a star at the event through the save-the-date cards, just to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Most importantly, Overeasy Events wants their clients to feel at ease! If possible, we recommend a pet-sitter for the special day so our clients can relax and not worry about their pet!"

Are there any other cool ways you have seen couples show off their dog(s) in events? 


Our team is full of dog lovers so any event where a client wants to feature their furry friends is an exciting challenge for us!

We want to make sure that our clients’ visions become a reality, so if that vision includes your pets, we’re here to make it happen!

We’ve loved pets in engagement photos, pets at weddings, pictures of pets used in the décor, and more!

If you can dream it, we can do it. 

What percentage of your clients are dog lovers? Have you seen an increase recently in people wanting to show off their dogs? If so, why? If not, why? 

"Speaking from personal experience, when Flash is assisting me with greeting clients in the office, nearly everyone loves dogs! Now more than ever couples want to include their pets in weddings or special events, our dogs are so important and bring us so much joy. Nationwide couples are using four-legged ring bearers and fluffy flower girls."

We always want to help our clients make their events personalized, and more often than not the most personal aspects about us are our pets. Some venues and catering companies have even started baking gourmet dog treats for these special guests!

We want to show off our dogs because they are our family, and Overeasy Events understands that more than anyone. Sometimes Flash cannot help with the nitty gritty of client relations, but he sure can bring a smile to everyone’s face!

What are some of your future goals for 2019 and beyond? 

For the future of Overeasy Events, we’re focused on continuing to provide amazing service to our clients.

We also hope to build relationships with new clients and vendors across the Central Florida community and beyond!

We are always looking for new partnerships that will enhance the event experience for our amazing customers and new ways to share pictures and information about the work that we’re doing behind-the-scenes. 

Check out Overeasy Events here:
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