Influencer Spotlight: My Whiskey Girl!

Do you ever scroll through Instagram, just captivated by beautiful dog portraits? Then click on their account because every single one is just so breathtaking? If you head to instagram account @mywhiskeygirl, you'll see why I not only drool over her photos, but why she has over 100K followers. Today, I get the pleasure of interviewing Adele, the amazing photographer, and her adorable dog, Whiskey. Enjoy!

Tell us how @mywhiskeygirl started:

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4 years ago, I was working on "a photo a day project". When I got Whiskey, every photo was of her, so I thought I would create an Instagram account. This way, I wouldn't be overwhelming all my friends with too many photos! Since Instagram gives you the choice whether or not to follow an account, I feel guilt-free posting photos! Originally, I didn't want an account, but my husband convinced me, so here we are!

Tell us about yourself:

(As for me), I had been working in the Visual Effects industry for over a decade before quitting to pursue photography full time and other businesses. It's not been easy, but it's so much more rewarding. I've been taking photos since I was a child. I developed film in black in white, as well as color and enlarged and printed my own photos in darkrooms while also working in the digital world. I've worked in television and film since high school.

My name is Adele, and I live in Vancouver, BC Canada. I absolutely love it, even though it's expensive to live here! The nature is unbeatable in terms of being in a big city but still having such close access to both beaches and mountains.

Why did you choose a Vizsla? What is it about this breed that appealed to you? 

We were really careful in choosing a breed. I absolutely respect people that rescue dogs (we have a rescue cat). However, I knew I wanted some very specific traits that had been bred over generations, so I chose a breeder. I wanted a dog that was medium sized, short haired, interested in pleasing humans (not too stubborn), ranged close enough for hiking off leash, not too friendly to strangers, a drive to work, cuddly, healthy (long overall life expectancy with little genetic physical and mental problems), great in mountains, and could do really long hikes.

Tell us a little about your 5 year old Vizsla, Whiskey.

Whiskey is an unusual Vizsla in that she's calmer than most. She's a gigantic cuddle bug at home, as long as she's had her walks (usually 3 walks a day!), which includes one hike (around 3 hours outside off-leash). She loves soft toys and socks, and will greet us at the door with one, while wiggling her bum and squealing. Whiskey loves to "work", so it's easy for her to pose for pictures, retrieve sticks and balls, finding and pointing prey, and keeping mom company on long hikes.

Did Whiskey love traveling at a young age or did you have to coax Whiskey to enjoy the adventures? 

Whiskey was carsick as a puppy! It was terrible! We didn't own a car so she was vomiting in all our rentals and I was so scared because I knew we wanted to do road trips later on. Thankfully she outgrew her sickness (she was in a car everyday almost!). We took her to the mountains as soon as we had her. We would go to a ski slope in the summer and just let her run around while we ate dinner. She was scrambling on cliffs really young (nothing too long or extended as it's bad for their growing joints). She was always fearless like her dad.

What is one of Whiskey’s favorite places you’ve been to? 

Whiskey is so used to going to new places that she doesn't even get excited! The only thing she loves more than anything is fields with game birds. She absolutely loves to find and point grouse, ptarmigan, and chukar (this is what she's bred for). A bunny chase is always fun too!

When did you start traveling? Did you travel before Whiskey or did he/she inspire you to start? 

We've always traveled, and before we had Whiskey we did alot more traveling by plane. I've lived in Italy and Australia and we've adventured in so many places! We've swam with humpback whales in Tonga, dived with Great White Sharks in Mexico, camped under the northern lights with our dogsled teams in the Yukon, and roadtripped through the outback in Australia during the summer! After we got Whiskey, we stuck to more drivable trips so we could take her with us and we've gone all the way past the arctic circle with her, and as south as Utah.

The photography is incredible. How did you start getting into photography? What camera do you use? Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken so far?


I love this one so much because we all cracked up laughing at Whiskey's expression. It was at the end of a long day of shooting and we were all so exhausted and Whiskey just helped us all get through the end of it.

What are your travel essentials:

My phone and battery pack if I'm heading out alone (I always have a map and gps on my phone)

  • Treats! We train almost everyday and treats are essential for keeping up a bomb proof recall and staying out of trouble (freeze dried or dehydrated raw food or one ingredient meat is best)  
  • Baby wipes- the dog life is a dirty one and I can't live without wipes
  • Blankets - Whiskey loves blankets and soft things to lay her head on, plus we are always camping or venturing out where blankets are always helpful!
  • Merino wool clothing- keeps you warm even when wet. Organic material so there's little footprint, and stink-proof!

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    Where do you to hope to travel in the future?

    I really want to go back to the arctic and Alaska. The tundra is amazing and the land is just so wild. I also want to travel further down south, revisit Utah and keep going to Arizona and see where else! Honestly there is so much on my list still in my own province. I could be trying new peaks every weekend for the rest of my life here!

    This interview was edited for length and clarity. Special thanks to Adele for taking the time to speak with me and provide these beautiful photos. You may repost this blog post, but please do not reuse the photos without the artist's permission. Thanks!


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