My Favorite Dog Walking Podcasts, Part II

I swear, all I talk about are how much I love podcasts. I get so excited when a new episode appears; it’s like Christmas, but everyday!

If you haven’t read My Favorite Dog Walking Podcasts, Part I, I suggest you head over there first!

For the listener who STILL can’t get enough of anything Bachelor/Bachelorette related...

OFF THE VINE, with Kaitlyn Bristowe
I don’t know what’s in past contestant’s wine glasses (or cocktails), but it seems every bachelor/bachelorette/adjacent show’s alum has a podcast. Why?! To talk about how much you cried on Bachelor in Paradise and now you can cry some more now that you found your love and can put Crate and Barrel on your wedding registry? I especially don’t need this guy on my feed.

But, I can’t resist one alum’s endless chatter – Kaitlyn Bristowe. I loved her on Chris Soules’ season and as The Bachelorette, and for some reason, I can’t resist listening to every episode. Maybe it’s because she’s so open (sometimes way more than needed), and has amazing guests, like Chris Harrison, a hard to come by guest. I love hearing her talk about behind the scenes gossip. Check her out on PodCast One.

For the listener who uses laughter as therapy…

MY DAD WROTE A PORNO, with Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine
I know, you’re thinking…”Uh…yeah…the title alone makes me cringe”. Well, it should. But in a funny way. Jamie’s dad wrote an actual porno, so he decided to read it out loud, with two of his friends. You will not believe the “plot” of the book – a woman named Belinda Blinked works at a high tech company called “Pots and Pans”…yes, you read that right. Listen to the first episode and you’ll won’t be able to breathe from laughing so hard. Their witty comments and attempt to understand the completely ridiculous plot line will have you peeing in your pants. Check it out here.

For the listener who is fascinated by the world of celebrities…and reads every interview…

The only movies I can name with her in them are House Bunny and Scary Movie, but Anna is ok with that. She wants you to know her as a genuine, candid, and funny interviewer who brings on interesting guests. And, she is all those things and more. She doesn’t ask her celebrity friends the usual questions. Instead, she plays games like “Deal breakers”, and has them help her give advice to callers, who ask all sorts of questions about relationships, family drama, and career moves. Her caring and thoughtful responses make you want to call her up yourself. Listen here

For the listener who wants to know ALL the political scandals…

SLOW BURN, with Leon Neyfakh
This new SLATE podcast revisits major political scandals, starting with Watergate and Clinton’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky. He explains how each scandal started, explaining in a clear, concise and interesting way that even the least politically aware person can understand. It goes to show just how easily we can be manipulated. Click here to listen

Hope you start listening (if you haven’t already!), and tell me what you think! Also, what are your favorite podcasts?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Forget the stupid cards, the boxes of chocolate, the overpriced flowers, and any other dumb marketing that makes you feel less than because you may not have a significant other.

Instead of thinking about this day only honoring those who have a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/whatever, think about it has a day to realize all the people that love you unconditionally, everyday of your life. Your best friend, your grandmother, your favorite aunt. Maybe your sister. How about your coworkers who make work bearable everyday?

Or even better, your DOG! The one who licks your face any chance they get, who keeps bothering you every 15 minutes to throw the ball. Who takes up half your bed even though they’re only 20 pounds. Don’t have a dog? Maybe you have a cat, or a frog, or a lizard. Doesn’t matter. These animals love you unconditionally, no matter your relationship status.

So today, here are some cute photos of Gant, to remind you that our dogs (and other pets), will love you everyday, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Featured image by ShopMoxieMaven on Etsy. Heart print available via my shop link.

Monthly Feature: Gifts for the Boxer Lover

Happy Thursday, dog lovers!

Today, we’re going to feature gifts for one of my favorite breeds: The Boxer. From their short snouts, pointy ears, and to small tails and extremely short fur, they look like the Boston Terrier’s cousin, only much taller and 60 pounds heavier!

According to AKC Kennel Club, they are great dogs for children, and take their role as a guard dog very seriously. It’s important they are exposed to a lot of people and other animals in their puppy stage, so they are properly socialized.

Boxer T-Shirt, $19.99. Buy here.
The neutral color and pop art style drawing make this shirt a stylish way to show off your love for the breed.

Boxer Makeup Bag, $18.40, Buy here.
Store all the essentials in this adorable pouch. The different expressions and poses of these boxers will make you smile every time you open your purse.

Boxer Art Print, Available in various sizes starting at $24.50. Buy here.
A great piece of art for your living room, wine room (if you have wine room, I want to come over), just for any room!

Boxer Dish Towel. $18.00. Buy here.
You’ll (almost) want to do dishes with this hilarious dish towel.

Boxer Baby Pants and Hat Set, $46.00. Buy here.
Start your child early with an adorable clothing set. They’ll look so cute you’ll be taking 54378 photos of them wearing it (before they poop themselves…).

Boxer Glasses Case, $33.39. Buy here.
Protect your precious eye glasses with this stylish case. The hand stitching makes look special and homemade.

Do you have any adorable gifts for this breed? Comment below!
Want to see my other gift guides for different breeds? Click here for French Lovers, Click here for German Shepherds, and here for any dog lover! More breeds to come soon!

10 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Relax

7:00 am. Alarm blaring. Time to get up. Make some breakfast. 7:30. Time to shower, get dressed and get out the door by 8:30. Come home at 5:00, have dinner, watch your favorite shows, and go to bed at 10:00. Then start all over again.

Sound familiar? Whether you’re constantly running around at the office, work at home, or just need a 15-minute mental break, here are 10 ways your dog can help you relax, clear your mind, and notice your surroundings. Even if it’s just for five minutes, dogs can refresh our minds and re-energize us to get through the day.

1.Make a separate album in your phone for just photos of your dog. When you’re having a bad day, head to your photo album. These photos will remind you that no matter what happens, your dog will love you unconditionally.

2. Spend a few minutes rubbing your dog’s ears, belly, or wherever their favorite “spot” is. My dog loves having his ears rubbed. I let my mind focus on the velvety texture of his ears, and his purring sound when he’s content. Let this be your focus for a few minutes.

3. Take your dog on a car ride. Does your dog love being in the car? Press on the gas, blast some music and hang out with your best bud. Notice your surroundings. It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

4. Sit at your favorite spot. Do you love heading the local park? Lake? Maybe your back porch? Go there with your dog. Relax, close your eyes, and just focus on the sounds around you. We live near a few lakes, so I like to take my dog, sit on the bench, and watch the ducks wade in the clear water.

5. Look forward to them greeting you at the door. Whenever I come home, my dog enthusiastically waits at the door, jumping up and down with excitement. Knowing that there’s always someone excited to see me makes my long days that much better.

6. Make plans just for you and your dog. Had a really long week? Maybe you just want to relax instead of going out on Saturday night. Consider taking the evening off. Cook a homemade meal or get takeout (Five Guys, here I come), a nice bottle of wine, and put on your sweats for a night of binge watching. Make sure you have plenty of blankets for snuggling.

7. Walking always helps. Your dog has to go on walks, at the very least. Put your phone away, and just enjoy your neighborhood surroundings.

8. Let the dog sleep in your bed. Studies show our furry family members actually help us sleep better. This proves it.

9. Teach your dog a new trick. Help your dog improve his “playing dead” pose, or sit on command. Maybe you had one of those days where it felt like nothing got done. Helping your dog master a task can help you feel more confident.

Photo by Pixabay on

10. Take a selfie with your dog. Then follow step 1.

Great non-romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Even though I am married now, I still don’t like it. My husband and I treat it like a regular Tuesday.

It’s a day where single people are supposed to feel bad because they don’t have someone to give them a bunch of roses or chocolates. Or take them out to restaurant where the menu prices are exponentially higher because it’s February 14th.

So today, I’m going to make a list of great gifts to give to anyone BUT your partner. How about a great card for your sister? BFF? Grandmother? Because everyone deserves to be loved, not just your romantic partner. And these will last longer than a heart shaped candy box.

Because dogs really are the best Valentine. Get this card along with a great bottle of wine. To buy, click here.

I mean, duh! Rock this anytime of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day. To buy, click here.

An adorable tote bag to remind you that your dog unconditionally loves you. To buy, click here.

The perfect gift for your plant-loving friend or family member. To buy, click here.

A beautiful, personalized necklace with your favorite pooch’s name. The perfect way to honor them. To buy, click here.

What are some of your favorite non-romantic gifts to give/receive? Sound off in the comments below!

My favorite dog-walking podcasts: Part I

Lately, it seems I listen to a lot more podcasts. I couldn’t tell you the top 10 hits on Spotify, but if you have an hour, I’ll talk your ear off about my favorite shows.

I love listening them when walking my dog. The stress of the day fades away as I listen to topics ranging from self-help to witty pop culture commentary to crazy murder stories and so much more!

Today, I’m going to list some great podcasts for just about every dog walker. No matter your interest, there is something out there for you! I will have many more podcasts to list, so this is PART I of my favorite dog-walking podcasts!

For the…
One who is always trying improve themselves:

BY THE BOOK PODCAST, with Jolenta Greenberg and Kristin Meinzer
Each week, these good friends try a different self-help book, follow it to the letter for 2 weeks straight, and decide at the end whether or not it changed their lives. They’re incredibly funny, real, and honest. They also have an epilogue after each episode, where they read fan mail and discuss if they have continued to use those book’s principles. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
Bachelor/Bachelorette Fan with Sarcasm

HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS, with Emma Gray and Claire Fallon
These hilarious writers lovingly snark on all Bachelor, Bachelorette and adjacent shows, recapping meticulously every episode of this famed reality show. They bring in amazing guests, from past Bachelor contestants to hilarious EW writer Kristen Baldwin. My favorites are when they bring “Girls” actress Allison Williams. Her insight and humor align with theirs perfectly. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
Pop Culture Aficionado

with Ira Madison, Kara Brown and Louis Virtel

These witty, funny, and knowledgeable writers comment on everything from Omarosa to Kanye’s ridiculous tweets to politics and more. You’ll be laughing out loud more times than you realize. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
Listener whose already heard all the “My Favorite Murder” Episodes

UNSOLVED MURDERS: TRUE CRIME STORIES, with Wendy MacKenzie and Carter Roy 
Every week, these hosts delve into an unsolved murder, past and present, using professional voice actors to tell the story. The voices may be a bit hokey at first, but you’ll soon forget that as you dive in and decide for yourself who really did it. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
Music obsessed listener to wants to know how songs are made

with Hrishikesh Hirway 

Ever wanted to know how “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac came about? What Lorde was thinking on her latest hit single? Hrishikesh interviews each artist, letting them take over and discuss how the process of making a song takes incredible time, discipline and lot of fine tuning. You’ll never listen to music the same way again. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
One who loves old movies and the Old Hollywood movie stars

with Karina Longworth

Ever wanted to know how Frank Sinatra got his start? The story of Joan Crawford and “Mommy Dearest”? Then this podcast is for you! Karina does extensive research, talking about the fascinating lives of some of Hollywood’s timeless stars. My favorites are the Blacklist Series, where stars were accused of being members of the Communist Party. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Those are my favorites for now! I’ll be making another list of awesome podcasts in the not so distant future! What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

2018 Highlights: Reflecting on A Year of Change

Well, it’s already January 10th, 2019. Can you believe it?! I am sure everyone will be saying that for the next week or two, but I really can’t believe it’s a new year.

The first half of 2018 was a time for figuring out our next direction. My husband and I had been living in Connecticut for 8 years at that point, where we lived the “boarding school life”, as they call it, where he was teaching History and Philosophy. A year prior to that, we had been discussing new opportunities. He had advanced as far as he could in that position, and it was time to find out what else was out there.

After discussing the top locations we would move to (East Coast – Massachusetts/Maine/other parts of Connecticut or West Coast- Oregon/Washington/California), it was time to job search. Because my job is flexible, we worked on finding the right opportunity for him.

I remember it distinctly. It was around March, right before we were leaving for vacation. A job offer. From a school that sought him out. In a place we didn’t even consider: Florida.

After days, hours, minutes of debating, while flying halfway across the Atlantic, we decided to go for it.

It was going to be such a shock for us – a whole new state that we had never even visited, away from friends and family, with a completely different climate than anywhere we had lived before.

I remember saying that for my 40th Birthday, I wanted to go to Disney World. And now we live 15 minutes away.

DISNEY WORLD! The happiest (and most expensive) place on Earth.

Because of all this change, I decided to put my business on hold. I couldn’t give to attention it needed until we settled in. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would continue, because of the added expenses that come with moving. And, did I mention we just bought a house?! I just didn’t have the energy to get my creative juices flowing.

The day we bought our house.

But here we are, 8 months later, and I am working on away on reorganizing my office. No, not because of Marie Kondo.

In the past few months, I have met other amazing collaborators (you can view some of them here and here), done some awesome craft fairs, been featured on other blogs and social media, and creating as many new products as possible.

I remember in 2014, I could barely pay my bills, I was thousands of dollars in debt, and dealt with some shady vendors. Finally, I can actually have an income AND pay off my credit card. A big leap for me, even it’s a tiny one.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Thank you for all your support. Without it, Sacco Studios wouldn’t exist.



Forget about Resolutions. Make these goals instead.

Phew! I’m tired. Put to me to bed.

The tree is packed away, ornaments are back in their boxes, Christmas lights returned (tangled, of course) to the garage, and Hallmark Channel goes back to their original programming.

I don’t know about you, but after a week of eating too much, consuming copious amounts of wine, and feeling the dread of looking at credit card bills after all that gift giving, I’m exhausted. Now only 11 more months to go until Christmas! Woohoo…or not…

Now that it’s 2019, I’m also making a New Year’s resolution to stop making resolutions. Right before New Year’s Eve, I always get this shot of motivation, like I’m ready to run a marathon. I get my planner out and make all these to-do lists, like I’m actually going to accomplish all of these in 48 hours.

Then, inevitably, I only get two done, feel guilty about it, and then go back to my original routine, that I always do.

So instead of making list after list, I am going to work on having a fun, fulfilling, and adventurous year. To continue to be kinder to myself, call friends and family more, have more dog cuddles, learn new things everyday, and let mistakes happen. Because they will.

Sorry, can’t make happy hour. Top Chef is on.

So, here is a list of things you should follow this year. The only list you should look at. Because resolutions don’t last.

  1. Take more selfies with your dog. Because you need that 5,876,986th selfie!
  2. On the days you don’t have to get up, stay in bed with your dog and TV Binge. Because you and your dog need to need to rewatch the first two seasons Queer Eye again. Kleenex on standby.
  3. Spoil your dog with extra toys. Even if they only play with it for 5 minutes. Because that cute octopus toy was just too cute to pass up!
  4. Work those insta filters. Clarendon look better? What about Black and White? Change it up everyday. Make those dog selfies unique.
  5. Buy a wine just because there’s a cute dog on it. I mean, that’s what I do 99.9% of the time.
  6. Drive around, doesn’t matter where you go, with your dog, and turn up that Beyonce. The best excuse to sing at the top of your lungs. And your dog can’t judge your singing abilities.
  7. Stay in some weekends, turn your phone on do not disturb and just play ball with your dog. Seriously, it’s the best.
  8. Buy that shirt just because it has your dog on it. It’s a NEED people!
  9. Decide you are only talking to the dog today. Because, sometimes, People are annoying.
  10. Find someone new who obsessively talks about their dog as much as you do. Because you can never have enough people to talk about how your dog takes adorable poops.
Omg, did you see the collar I got Bailey? It’s his Winter collar.

Enjoy! And Happy New Year!


Can you believe Christmas is only 12 DAYS AWAY?! *Runs around in panic* I STILL haven’t done all my shopping, and I really need to get going if I want these gifts delivered in time for Christmas. 

Hopefully, you’re way ahead of the game, and not me looking at every holiday gift guide on Buzzfeed. I also try to shop small businesses on Etsy. Being an artist myself, I know how exciting it is to get a sale. However, a lot of these shops close for the holidays, as it takes a long time to get those orders completed. 

So, here is a great last-minute gift guide, specifically for your dog-loving parents. And, I checked the shipping dates, so you still have time to order. But hurry! Don’t be those shoppers who run to the overcrowded Target to find something…anything! Even if it’s on the clearance shelf. Get them something they’ll actually love. 

Pet Pendant Necklace. Personalize with their dogs names. The perfect way to keep their dog close to their heart, even if they’re not with them. Can get up to 7 individual names! $23 and up. Click here to purchase. 

Personalized Breed Print. A really cool, modern piece for their living room. Choose from a variety of breeds. Starting at $6.52. Click here to purchase. 

Tea, Dogs, Books and Naps Shirt. Perfect for the parent who’d rather be at home, drinking their favorite pot of tea and reading their favorite book. $17.95 Click here to purchase. 

Cute Personalized Dog Mug. So he knows how much he is loved by his best four-legged friend. Click here to purchase. 

Custom Pet Ornament. A great addition to their Christmas tree. Choose from a variety of colors for the background and name (optional). From $50.00 and up. Be sure to order by this Saturday to ensure Christmas delivery!  Click here to purchase. 

Personalized Pet Pillow. So their dog can snuggle up against their favorite pillow while they’re watching their favorite holiday movie. $34.00 and up. Click here to purchase. 

Dog Rug. Do your parents dogs go bonkers when anyone rings their doorbell? Get this hilarious door mat, to help with their sanity. $35.00. Click here to purchase. 

Funny dog socks. For the dad who loves to kick up his feet, in his favorite chair, with his favorite brew. From $19.99. Click here to purchase. 

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