While you try and try to stay at home, as much as possible, and only go out for essential errands, it’s often not enough for our mental health. We need to get out of our four walls and get some fresh air!

Over the course of the past couple of months, my dog has become a little depressed. Outings to the dog park three times a week are no more, and playing with his fur friends are not possible either. Last Thursday, after trying to get some work done, and the dog, as usual, whining insistently, to get my attention, I realized we both needed a change of scenery.

Friday morning, I got up, took him out for a morning walk, ate breakfast, made the bed, and did some exercise. Before I could even say “Let’s go for a ride”, the dog dashed to the garage door, pawing at the handle to let him out. He jumped in, I took a leash, water, my purse, a playlist, and we were good to go.

I had no destination in particular. I knew I wanted to drive the back route to Disney World, where I could see the elusive Magic Kingdom castle, Space Mountain, and the new rollercoaster. I haven’t been to the theme parks since March, so it was nice to see wave hello.

Once you pass the theme parks, you just keep going, on a road, all the way to two highways – one to Orlando, and one to Tampa.

After driving towards Orlando, and a few twists and turns later, I ended up in Celebration.

For those who live in the Central Florida area, you would know Celebration. For those who don’t, it was a town that the Disney corporation intended to make a destination; where residents could be close to the resort but have their own little slice of paradise. They even have fake snow over the holidays!

I ended up parking near Celebration Golf Course, an elite club for avid golfers. It looked like a picturesque southern town, that you see in the movies, with homes you’d see in TV dramas in small towns.

Exploring the neighborhood.

I noticed the little downtown a few blocks from here, so we got back in the car and went for more exploring.

There are beautiful lakes and even Adirondack chairs you can sit in and enjoy the view.

Then, I found a Woofgang Bakery, an adorable store chain that has homemade treats, dog collars, toys, dog food…pretty much a dog’s paradise!

Of course I bought him a Red Sox collar (Represent New England!), tons of treats, and lots of pets from the staff.

Woof Gang Bakery! Check them out here.
Art Deco Inspired Theatre.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is the author’s own experience. Please review the CDC Guidelines here and the World Health Organization for all the up to date information on COVID. Also track the cases in your area and do your research.

Lindsay Sacco is the owner and founder of Sacco Studios, a pawsitively awesome pet loving company specializing in unique, customized products for cat and dog lovers. She lives in Florida with her husband and a rambunctious Boston Terrier named Gant. You can view her shop here

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