I ask myself (and you, dog lovers) every time I write a post, “What day is it?” “Are we still in July?”. I think we’ve all gotten to a point where if we can make it through the day, we cheer. Our mental states are in all sorts of chaos.

And staying home, in the same walls you’ve seen since March, is not good for you either. I have started to notice all these little imperfections that I otherwise wouldn’t give a second glance pre-COVID times. Things that don’t matter, but I think about how I can fix that tiny splatter of paint on the crown molding that’s behind my desk. That NO ONE will see. Stupid things not worth the energy or time. But when you’re stuck inside, what else are you going to do?

Yes, getting outside and walking in your neighborhood is pretty low-risk, and does allow you to see other things. However, there’s only so many “different” things you can see when you do one of three walking routes per week.

Little details like a green plant and books next to window give it such a feel of home.

So, after much discussion, we decided we needed a change of scenery for a few days. And, after doing a lot of research and weighing in the options, our best (and safest option) was to rent an AirBnB for a few days. We made sure of a few factors for planning our trip:

A cute fire pit and grilling station
  • The town we went to was close (less than an hour), in case we got there, saw it wasn’t as advertised, or as clean as it needs to be, we could easily head home.
  • The house needed to look and have the feel of a serene, quiet and relaxing atmosphere, as well as be in a neighborhood that was quiet with little to no activity.
  • Dog-friendly! Dogs sometimes need some change!
  • Since it was close by, we could bring our own food, linens, and all of our work stuff so we could get projects done.
  • The host of the place was a “Superhost”, which means they are the highest rated hosts, and have multiple 5 star reviews. They were also quick to respond to all concerns we had, and did not mind that we brought our own linens. We also asked about their cleaning procedures, which are super important during this time.
  • We would stay 90% of the time in the house, just the three of us as it has been since March.

    Mount Dora seemed to fit that criteria. It is under an hour from our house, quiet, and the normal attractions for tourists are shut down, making it an ideal place to get away, say, from another tourist location (like, Disney World maybe?), which is only 10 minutes from our house.

    It was also nice to have a huge backyard, where the dog can run around, since we haven’t been taking him to the dog parks.
Making new friends

With everything, you have to weigh the risks, what are the cases like where you are going, see who is coming with you, and what you are comfortable doing. I believe if you’re smart, wear a mask in public, social distance, don’t travel on a plane, and stay away from those at risk, and DON’T GO TO PARTIES, or crowded places, your risk will be low.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is the author’s own experience. Please review the CDC Guidelines here and the World Health Organization for all the up to date information on COVID. Also track the cases in your area and do your research.

Lindsay Sacco is the owner and founder of Sacco Studios, a pawsitively awesome pet loving company specializing in unique, customized products for cat and dog lovers. She lives in Florida with her husband and a rambunctious Boston Terrier named Gant. You can view her shop here.

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