Well, Gant, it’s your birthday today. You are SIX years old. Thank god it’s your birthday, because otherwise I wouldn’t know what day it is. 

Taken in 2014. This will always be my favorite photo.

This birthday, for you, is like any other. You don’t even know it is your birthday. You also have no idea that we are in quarantine. Every morning, you stretch your tiny body, crawl out of the layers of blankets, and then decide to lay back down because it’s 9:30 am and it’s too early to greet the day. 

It’s 9:30 am. It’s too early.

Each day you get to enjoy doing what you love – chasing squirrels (or trying to) and then looking up at the tree to see where they went, gobbling up your favorite treat – the “bone bone”, alerting us every time the delivery truck arrives, and running around with a ball in your mouth, knowing we’ll never get it back from you. 

You think it’s another day as you look forward to rolling around in your favorite spot on our afternoon walks. But for us, it is special. Because six years ago, we decided to have you as part of our family. And we’re guessing you thought we were good enough to be ours, especially since we bought your love with copious amounts of cheese. 

The day we got Gant at 10 weeks old.

Over the past six years, you have given us loyalty, love (even if we try too hard to be affectionate with you), and comfort. For me, you keep me calm and reduce my anxiety when traveling, clutching to my lap like glue while on the plane because you’re just as nervous as I am. You keep me company as I work on my endless daily to-do lists. You let me be the only one who can pick you up. You don’t care that in the past few months I’ve had permanent bed head and wear the same 5 outfits on rotation. If I am feeling sad or stressed out, you immediately sit by my side and stay there until I feel better. And once in awhile, you let me rub your ears as you purr like a cat. I think I am most amazed by your adaptability, as we travel across the country to visit family, or move to different states. You walk around, check out the house, and find your spot.

My travel buddy.

So thank you Gant, for being the independent, do your own-thing, only cuddly at night dog that you are. Our lives would not be nearly as fulfilling, amusing, fun, or put into perspective if you were not in it. 

Happy Birthday. Yes, Yes, Gant, I’ll give you some cheese. Stop drooling. 

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