It’s another day. My alarm blares in my ear, like clockwork, every morning at 8:30 am. I swipe it away and put my arm around my dog, who inevitably licks my face, jumps from the bed and makes my husband take him out, as I pretend I am still asleep.

Then I slowly crawl out of bed, eat breakfast, go out on a walk, and head to my office 5 feet away.

I work at home, so a lot of my routine is not all that different. But the feeling of not being able to go anywhere, when and where I want, and worrying about wearing a mask or washing my hands immediately after I get home, or being hyper alert that someone may be closer than 6 feet from me, is so anxiety inducing I will find a way to get it delivered. Thankfully, in 2020, you can just get about anything online.

All of us feel this way, and I realize I am in a privileged state. I have a home, a TV with streaming, a dog and husband who don’t drive me absolutely nuts, and a business that is growing. It seems a bit trivial to complain, as so many people aren’t able to work right now, or they’re healthcare workers, or alone and can’t see their families in person until it is absolutely safe to do so. I’ve talked to a counselor about this, and they said something that really resonated with me: “It’s okay to feel all the emotions you’re feeling, while also being aware of how lucky you are. Your feelings are just as valid as the next person.”

So today, instead of reading article after article about the coronavirus, I am going to make a list of things that are getting me through this horrible time. This list isn’t necessarily dog themed, but dogs are mentioned. And some things on this list may seem trivial, but I don’t care. Scroll through the fun photos first.

Boston Terrier masks have been made with my mother’s sewing machine. Click here to purchase.
An oldie but goodie of a dog I photographed for the adoption website. Many adorable dogs like this still need loving homes!
AHHHHH! My favorite four words.
I’m not here, leave a message after the tone. BEEP.
Sees candies are the best.
  1. Ability to get Sees Candies delivered. About a week ago, my favorite chocolates, Sees Candies, finally reopened for business. I immediately ordered a custom mix and a box of peppermint patties. And once that box is delivered and eaten, I will order another box. Because caramels will get me through this. Also, if you do not know about Sees, stop what you are doing, and go on their site. WAY BETTER THAN GODIVA. There, I said it.
  2. Dogs getting adopted. Now more than ever it seems, dogs are getting adopted so quickly they barely are posted on the websites! I work with a rescue in New England, and there are more applications than there are available dogs. It’s amazing. SO KEEP ADOPTING! A lot rescues have virtual adoptions! Check your local one here.
  3. When I get a notification that says “My item is out for delivery”. It’s like Christmas morning, but on a Tuesday. In this chaotic time, I need some sense of control where I can “add to cart”. I’ve been loving this brand for athletic wear and this brand for dresses I will wear when this is all over. I have never been more excited to get a new sports bra.
  4. Random FaceTime and Zoom happy hours. Thank god we can see each other “in person” anytime, and there’s still plenty to talk about. With wine. Lots of wine.
  5. My mother’s sewing machine. A few weeks ago, my stepfather sent it to me via mail. I have been wanting to learn to sew for sometime now, and finally it was the opportunity. As a result, I learned how to make face masks, and now they are the best-selling item on my shop. Every time I use it, I imagine my mother showing me how to make a fancy skirt when I was in high school, or making my halloween costume when I wanted to be a wizard in 5th grade. It’s like her love is being channeled through the needle.
  6. NOT having to drive to the post office. Normally, I am driving on a long road, that is only one lane, behind some car going 10 miles an hour, to get to the closest post office. There are plastic sheets between you and the staff, tape lines on the floor to make sure you are far apart enough, and no more priority boxes available. A quarantine nightmare. Thank god you can schedule post office pickups.
  7. The Calm app. I have a real hard time relaxing. I really do. I have a hard time sitting there, focusing only a show or a magazine. There needs to be multiple things going on. When I go to bed, my brain does not turn off, and I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, or a worry that I forgot something. It’s of course exacerbated during the pandemic. Having a soothing voice telling you to relax has made the last couple of weeks sleeping so much easier.
  8. Healthy family and friends. I do not know anyone personally who has the coronavirus, and I cannot even imagine what it is like to know someone who does or who is experiencing the symptoms. As #4 states, being able to see loved ones on video, looking healthy, feeling good, and their worst problem being bored, I literally want to cry with glee. Because the phone would not do it for me.
  9. Gin. Yes, GIN. The kind that goes into a martini. With three olives. My favorite Friday cocktail. Nothing like the first sip. Is it Friday yet?! This is my favorite gin right now.
  10. Podcasts. Seriously. It’s like you’re part of the conversation. My current favorites are: American Girls, Even the Rich, Keep It, Dear Prudence, and anything murder/crime. Give me some suggestions as well!

    I hope you liked my random (and some of it being silly) list. What are some things that are keeping you sane?

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