Well, it’s day 2345 of quarantine. The days blend together. Weekends aren’t as special as they used to be, as I am basically wearing my Saturday and Sunday uniform (pajamas, tank top) in any day that ends in a “y”.

As with a lot of people, my anxiety levels have definitely increased, especially at the grocery store. What used to be a leisurely errand has become a CIA mission. Put on your protective gear, get in, avoid being too close to people, and get out.

The only ones who have really “won” during this pandemic are dogs. They get their owners home 24/7, still get to enjoy their outdoor walks, and receive extra attention from their owners (although Gant always seems to have that “Get away from me” expression as we try and pick him up or get up so close to his face and stare at him. Yes, we are weird. Remember how I said it’s been 2345 days?!

One thing that I have changed during this what seems like an endless period of “staying at home” is notice my surroundings when walking Gant. Instead of scrolling endlessly on Instagram, I try to put my phone down and notice nature. While we may not be able to get in the car and drive to our favorite nature spot (People are still doing this. PLEASE don’t do this!) , we can at least enjoy our own backyard.

When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or just a whole bundle of emotions, go take a walk, and snap some photos on your iPhone of things that you’ve never noticed before. Like a crooked tree branch, some beautiful chalk art (which our neighborhood is doing a lot of these days), and the way your dog sniffs. I know it sounds silly, but it works. Here are some photos that inspired me on my walk a couple of days ago.

These tree roots are so intricate! I Love this Victorian inspired house! The green and white combo is so complimentary
Walking to his favorite spot
Incredible sidewalk art!
Stay home, kids.
Creatures big and small not worrying about social distancing.

I hope these images inspired you to be more mindful on your dog walks. Enjoy the smells, sights and sounds, just like a dog!

I smell…another dog’s pee!

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