Picture it. December 2019. A time when we were not all quarantined. We could go out to restaurants, travel to our favorite destinations, and visit with family and friends. It was a blissful time.

As I sit here in my office, the place I am in at least 8 hours a day, working from home, I reflect on all the things we did before this virus forced us to stay inside. Scrolling through my photos, pictures of snow, farmhouses, and giant dogs come up, and the thought of being quarantined inside this beautiful, isolated lodge sounds lovely. We did exactly this over the holidays, and I’d love to share with you this magical place, where we should all aspire to go to after this is all over.

Several months ago, it was snowing. The whole town was covered, as if someone laid down a fluffy white blanket on top of everything. Trees were bending so far down from the weight of it, birds were perched on top of icy roofs, and the sky was an unusually bright blue for this time of year.

Our go to vacation rentals are from AirBnB, as they always seem to have the best dog-friendly options. Once we came across this listing, we knew it was perfect. This old carriage house was converted into a little cottage, with the living room, dining room and kitchen on the first story and the bedroom upstairs.

Wooden beams, fringe lamps, unique artwork, and a little Game Center makes this a hibernating dream.

This is a perfect place for a romantic couples getaway (the steep stairs and one bed do not make this child-friendly). Below are some restaurant and store recommendations if you’d like to cook.

The resident dog coming to check things out…

Restaurant Recommendations:

The White House Inn – This adorable inn has a great bar and old-fashioned restaurant. Only a 20 minute drive from the AirBnB, this place is a real gem. Highly recommend the lobster roll and a martini. Open seasonally. Click here for details.

The Vermont Country Deli – A popular place for locals and tourists alike, this tiny gourmet store serves fresh sandwiches, baked goods (especially pies!), cheeses, and other speciality prepared items. Get here early because the lines form quickly! Click here for details.

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