Hey dog lovers! Hope you are having a great week so far.

So, as we all know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, no one needs to care about this day. As I have said before, nobody should feel sad, guilty, or lost that they do not have a romantic partner to share it with. In fact, I’d like to declare this day “Spend it with people you love” day. Whether that’s your mom, your best friend, or your dog (duh!), you can celebrate everyone that loves you. I even have a post on great non-romantic gifts you can give!

In honor of this renamed day called “Spend it with people you love”, here are some fun, last-minute ideas to do with your ultimate favorite, your dog. Because no one loves you like your furry family member.

These 5 dog-friendly Valentine’s day ideas are inexpensive, fun, and no romance is required!

Idea #1: Have a treat making party!
Forget the gross heart shaped candies that are sold in Walgreens (yes, they’re cute, but they do not taste good!), and bake something for you AND your dog!

Peanut Butter treats. Photo from Damn Delicious

Make heart shaped chocolate chip cookies and then some homemade peanut butter treats for Fido. Then sit on the couch, cuddle, and watch your favorite romantic comedy. (My favorites are When Harry Met Sally and Playing By Heart)

Idea #2: Have a photo shoot!
I never have enough photos of my husband, my dog and myself, and it’s always a treat when I can get everyone together for some great memories. Surprise your partner with a 2-hour photo shoot session at their favorite location. You don’t have to hire a professional either – ask a camera savvy-friend, even a college photography student, or set up a tri-pod and click away.

Photo from Malcolm the Akita blog

Don’t have a significant other? Who cares! Just take photos of you and your dog! 2020 Christmas card DONE! Here’s even a cool blog post about taking photos with your pets!

Idea #3: Have cocktails at your favorite dog-friendly bar!
Usually, I don’t recommend going out for Valentine’s Day (I’m sorry, I mean Spend it with people you love” day), as it can be overpriced, but sometimes we just want our favorite martini. Head to your favorite neighborhood bar (that has dog friendly patio seating), and toast to being loved.

Have a favorite winery that’s dog friendly? Why not go there, have a glass (or two), and pack a picnic? If you’re in the Central Florida area, my favorite is Quantum Leap Winery.

Idea #4: Explore a new city!
Is there a nearby city or neighborhood that you’ve been dying to check out but haven’t had the time? Go! Pack the car with dog food and other essentials, a great playlist, and head on out for the afternoon! Maybe there’s a great park the dog can enjoy, or cool walking trails. Cold out? Check out the coffee shop nearby! Head to their local bookstore! I know there are a lot of undiscovered gems in my neighborhood, and I’m surprised that most of them are dog-friendly! I recommend calling any places you want to check out to make sure you can bring your dog.

Idea #5: Have a Dog’s Night In
My dog definitely has a BFF. When the owner and I used to live near each other, we would go out at least once a day on long walks, and on Wednesdays we get the dogs together, eat take out, and watch our favorite shows. When you have not only someone YOU get along with, but your dog loves, it’s going to be a lifelong friendship.

If you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, invite them over! Let the dogs play while you drink wine and eat your favorite take out.

I hope these are helpful! What are some of your favorite dog friendly Valentine’s ideas! Comment below!

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