As we roll into 2020, I think about what I want to accomplish this year. Like most people, I make a list of tasks/goals/ideas that I want to tackle. But, of course, March comes around and the list has barely been looked at.

However, one thing that’s not only easy (and free!) and makes a huge impact, is being kind. I’m sure you have seen the memes or the tweets, but the message is always clear and will never go out of style: Be Kind. The world would be a better place if we actually took time to do something nice for someone, or just not saying anything mean at all.

So, I’ve come up with a list of things dog lovers can do, even today, to spread a little kindness. And they’re all practically free.

Me and my foster dog, Patsy back in 2017.
  1. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter
    There are literally millions of dogs that are put down everyday, 1.5 million to be exact.

    Since starting volunteering a few years ago, my perception of not only rescue dogs have changed, but how much these shelters do to save animals has really amazed me. It only takes a few hours a month, and you’ll be helping save lives. I use this site to find a shelter near me.

  2. Offer to pet sit for your friend or family
    As any Dog owner knows, it is really hard to find a trustworthy and reliable sitter. If you have a friend, coworker, or family member that really needs help, offer a night as a gift. If you’re thinking about a dog, this is also a great way to see if this is the right time for one. Trust me, this gift is much more priceless than a gift certificate.
  3. Get an adorable dog card and send it to someone who may need a little cheering up
    Just $5 and a stamp is all it takes to brighten someone’s day just a little bit. Additionally, I don’t know about you, but if I ever need a laugh, I go to the greeting card section and get a chuckle. You can also find some good ones in my shop:
  4. Send a cute photo of your dog to your dog-obsessed in-laws
    My in-laws LOVE our dog, and always request a photo of him. I can’t tell you how many times they say it’s brightened their day. All it takes is 5 seconds to text or send an email.
  5. Ask someone about their dog
    Maybe your friend is having a rough day, or your grandmother is obsessed with her dog and it’s all she talks about, but you haven’t heard from you in awhile. Call her up and ask her about Charley, the poodle, or like and comment on your friends photo on Instagram. I could be having a shitty Monday, but when someone wants to know about Gant, it cheers me up, because he’s so easy to talk about.
  6. Donate food to a shelter
    Next time you’re at the pet store, grab an extra food bag and drop it off it at the local rescue. They’ll appreciate it more than you know, and rescues will ALWAYS need dog food.
  7. If you’re a sewer, make a friend’s dog a bandana or sweater
    I wish I had the sewing skills! Head to JoAnn’s, or maybe you have some fabric leftover, head to your sewing machine, and be crafty! If you need some instructions, here’s a simple guide, and a no-sew one too.

  8. Make homemade dog treats
    Going to a housewarming party and you know they have dogs? Why not make simple delicious treats you know they’ll enjoy? Make this simple recipe, bag them with a nice ribbon, and their pets will rejoice with happiness.
  9. Donate old sheets to a veterinarian or dog shelter
    Before you throw out those old sheets and they end up in landfill, donate them to a shelter or your local vet. A dog sleeping on comfy sheets will thank you.

10. (And last but not least) Buy cruelty-free products
You may think “Now, how is that kind?” Well, it’s kind to the animals who will not be tested in a lab. Because of your purchase, you are saying “no” to dogs, rabbits, and other vulnerable animals being put through horrible procedures. This site is great for finding all types of products.

What some things you do to spread kindness as a dog lover?

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