A few weeks ago, when my friend was visiting us in Florida, she gave me the cutest mug as a gift. It had the quote “Best Friends Forever, Never Apart, Maybe in Distance, But Never In Heart”. It warms my soul that I have friends who are always there for me, even just for a short phone call or text.

I get really nostalgic around the holidays, when I wish we could all be together, singing badly to Christmas tunes, drinking hot chocolate, be with our dogs, and just being thankful we are altogether.

But since life takes us all in different directions, I like to send gifts to my friends I’ve known for 15+ years, just to say “Thank you for being a friend”.

Here are some great gifts for every one of your dog-loving friends will love, no matter the cost. Enjoy!

Gifts Under $10
Just because they’re less expensive, doesn’t mean they’re any less gift-worthy. Perfect for group gift exchanges, or when you want to put something nice in the mail.

I Pawsitively Love You Card
Now you may think, “A card?! That’s not a gift!” Hear me out. One of my favorite things to do is take a card that I really like, whether I bought it or got it in the mail, cut it, and put it in a frame. Cards are usually only $5 or less, and a 5 X 7 frame is usually under $10 (here are some frames I like). It’s sentimental, unique, and meaningful without breaking the bank. This card is $5 in my shop. You can see other cards here.

Paw print charm
Get matching ones for your key chain, bracelet, or other jewelry so you always a piece of each other’s hearts. $3/each. Click here to buy.

German Shepherd Notepad
Cute post it note sets so you can write how much you love your BFF. Available in German Shepherd, Beagle, and Boston Terrier. $3.00/set. Shop here. Shop here.

Gifts Under $20
This is my favorite price point, as you can get custom gifts for just a little bit more without completely breaking the bank.

Custom Dog Mom Mug
I got one very similar to this, with four of my best friends on it. Choose from a variety of hairstyles, colors, skin tones, as well as dog breeds, with their names below. They’ll smile every time they get this mug! $14.99 and up. Click here to shop.

Best Friends with Dog Print
A perfect tribute to your BFF…and the dog she is obsessed with and the one you dog sit every Saturday. Print $18.50. Shop here.

Gifts Under $100
When you really want to splurge on a friend, these gifts are unique and something they’ll treasure forever.

Custom Dog Lover Gift Set
Want the ULTIMATE GIFT that will make your dog loving friend’s holiday? For one fee, you can get a custom portrait of their adorable pooch on a mug, ornament, tote bag, and a 5 X 7 print. So matter no what they do, they’ll have their dog with them at all times. $85.00. Click here to shop.

Custom Memoriam Pet Portrait
We all know how hard it is to lose your best (furry) friend, so help them cope with the loss with a cute custom pet portrait. You can add wings as well. Available in different sizes. Starting at $47.50. Shop here.

Dog Pillow
Get their favorite pooch put on a cozy pillow. Not only do they get one for them, but an extra one for you, so you’ll get extra cuddles Netflix binging your favorite shows. $97.50. Shop here.

That’s it for this edition! I’ll update it more as I find neat gifts for your BFF! Stay tuned next week for another edition of Dog Lover Gift Guides! To see last weeks for great gifts for your dog loving coworkers, click here!

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