It’s that time of year, folks! Can you believe it? Flash forward 11 months, and now it’s time to bring out the Holiday music, put up the tree (Yes, we do this before Thanksgiving. We can’t wait any longer!), and get going on Christmas shopping!

For many of us (me included), gift giving is very stressful. I always tend to buy more than I should, scrolling endlessly through Buzzfeed gift guides to see if I can find the “perfect blanket” for my friend even though I already has 10 of them.

You’re thinking, “And yet, this is ANOTHER gift guide!” And you’d be correct. But what makes this different is not only is it (of course) geared towards dog lovers, but categorized by different budgets and type of coworker, so you can get straight to the point and get that great gift. See, problem solved! So here is The Dog Lover Holiday Gift Guide: Coworker Edition!

For the Coworker who chats (A LOT!).
Do you have a coworker who just LOVES to talk and talk and talk? The one who won’t stop talking about their dog Molly who did “THE CUTEST THING yesterday” or about the toy they bought? We have the perfect gifts!

Under $50
Custom Dog Pet Portrait

They’ll be speechless with a custom portrait of their adorable pet! Sneakily ask them for photos of their dog (Shouldn’t be too hard), and send them to Sacco Studios for a personalized portrait experience! Starts at $47.50. Click here to purchase.

Under $20
Ask Me About My Dog Tote Bag

I mean, it’s pretty self explanatory! Bag by the Dogist. Click here to purchase. $14.00

Under $10
Dog Mom Wine Mug

Only get this gift if you are really close with the coworker, or know for sure they have a great sense of humor! $9.40 each. By OneCraftyMisfit. Click to shop here.

For the coworker who picks all the best lunch places to eat at:
Do they just know the coolest local joints to go for happy hour or work lunches? Show them your appreciation with these food inspired gifts:

Under $50
Personalized Dog Brewery or Vineyard Print

The perfect gift for the coworker who plans the best company outings (which always include good libations). Choose from a variety of breeds. German Shepherd is pictured above. Starting at $42.00 by Native Vermont. Click here to purchase.

Under $20
Sushi Dog Collar

If you work in a dog-friendly office, this gift is perfect for your coworker who loves to bring his dog in for “productivity”. He can show it off when you all head out to your favorite dog-friendly sushi spot! By UnrulyTails. $16.00. Click here to purchase.

Under $10
Bone Appetit Print

They’ll get a kick out of this play on words print. Perfect for sprucing up their office decor. By Ah-ha Design. $5.00. Click here to purchase.

For the coworker who brings in the coffee. And donuts.
Thanks to them, your mornings are a little less stressful.

Under $50
Dog Donut Art Print

I mean, how can this print not make you laugh! Comes in a variety of breeds and sizes. From $20 – $195 depending on size. From Leearthaus. Click here to purchase.

Under $20
Dog Hair Coffee Mug

They’ll not only get caffeine, but also lots of laughs while they’re drinking their third (and fourth…) cup of coffee. By MugCountry. $10.34. Click here to purchase.

Custom Coffee or Tea Spoon

This beautiful tea or coffee spoon will be their staple, especially with the personalization! $16.00. Click here to purchase.

Under $10
All I need is Coffee and My Dog Print

This downloadable print is a great addition to their office. Just buy, print, find a great frame, and voila! From GracieLouPrintables. $5.00. Click here to purchase.

That’s it for this edition! I’ll be updating this gift guide, as adding more throughout the week! Stay tuned! For my other gift guides, click here!

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