What makes a good product? Most people would say that it actually does what it says it’s supposed to do; it delivers results. Because it is a successful product, you become loyal. When you go to Target, most of the time you’re looking for that particular brand. Why change? The one you got is perfect.

A while back, I saw a horrible video from Beagle Freedom Project, where they rescued Beagles from several animal testing facilities. You see the rescuers going into a dark facility, where helpless dogs are stuck in steel cages, with tubes attached to them. They have never been outside, or loved by an owner. Everyday, they are used as test objects. You can see some videos here. Look at your own risk.

Yes, these videos are meant to tug at your heartstrings, but more than that, the cruelty these dogs and other animals face is very real. The more research I’ve done, the more I see how easily we can help this cause.

While they are working hard on getting animal testing banned, a lot of companies continue to do this because they can sell in China, which requires all products to be tested on animals.

Ever since the video, I have consciously changed my beauty products, ensuring they are cruelty free.

What is cruelty free mean?
According to Cruelty Free Kitty website, it has to meet these criterias:

” (1) they don’t test finished products on animals at any point during production, (2) their suppliers don’t test raw materials or ingredients on animals, (3) no third-party tests on animals on their behalf, and (4) they don’t test on animals where the law requires it, i.e. mainland China.”

How do you find out if a product is cruelty free? You can download this app, called Cruelty Cutter. Whenever you are shopping, you can open it, scan an item, and immediately it will let you know if it’s animal-tested.

You can also use these logos for when you’re searching for the right product. If you see these bunnies on any product, you’re good to go.

I also refer to this awesome site, cruetlyfreekitty.com, where they have an up to date list of all the products that are free from animal testing. You can use the list here.

I am also going to keep my own list of favorite products that meet this criteria. For now, here are a few products I use again and again.

Love Beauty and Planet Deoderant. They smell great, and help keep me dry even in humid weather! To buy, click here. or you can get it at Target.
Forget that it’s in the “Men’s Section”. The scent is very subtle and will make you feel refreshed and clean. Buy here or at Target.
Method Laundry Detergent – Works well, cleans my clothes, and doesn’t leave a scent. I also use their dryer sheets. Available here, Amazon or Target.
I gave this to my husband one year as a stocking stuffer. It’s such a cool kit, and he really enjoyed using it! Buy at any pharmacy, Target, or here.

Meychelle Night Cream, $40.00. This cream is prefect for dryer skin. Just a small, dime sized amount covers your whole face. Not greasy, and lasts for months. Available at amazon.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation, $38.00. After trying foundation after foundation, this one is a true winner. It glides on easily, isn’t cakey, nice and light, and gives your skin a natural glow, without making it look like you’re wearing too much makeup. Plus, RuPaul’s Dragrace wears it, how can you go wrong? Click here to purchase.

It’s can be hard to find cruelty free products, but with just a little effort, you can find equally as good (if not better products) to replace your current household items. Even just swapping out your deodorant will help! Small steps leads to big actions.

These are my top products for now, but I will add more as I find worthwhile products!

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