Gant showing off his awesome collar.

One of my favorite things to buy for Gant are collars. I have one for every season and mood. Is it Spring and he’s feeling preppy? Bring on the argyle! Feeling tropical? Got one with palm trees. Disney? Oh you know we got a mickey mouse one!

Recently, I came across a horrible video about animal testing from The Beagle Freedom Project. They were rescuing Beagles from animal testing facilities. Now, I know that animal testing happens. You can’t sell your products in China without testing on them.

That’s why I was so excited to come across Geopetric Pets. They not only sell cool collars, but they sell leashes, harness, bandanas for dogs AND cats.

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They have the coolest designs! Zig Zags, Stripes, Diamonds Pattern, you name it! Find the one that goes with your dog’s coloring, and they’ll be the handsomest dog (or cat) on the block!

And why did I mention animal testing? Well, these products are vegan and cruelty free! They even are made from recycled materials, like plastic bottles.

Dreaming of treats…

And as a special gift to my readers, use code GANT20 when checking out! You’ll get 20% off with EVERY order! Woohoo! Send it to your friends, family, any dog-lover you know! So check it out now here!

You can also recycle your old dog gear! Check out their program here.

And don’t forget to show me your adorable pooch wearing their Geopetric collar! You can also purchase Gant’s collar, pictured, here.

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