It’s that time of year… wedding season!

I love weddings. They’re a great excuse to see everyone in one place, dance to your favorite 90’s hits (Oh, cause you KNOW they’ll be playing Britney!) and dress to the nines.

What’s also so fun is how each couple does unique touches on their special day. Whether it’s having it in your own backyard, or doing a sketch from “Who’s on First” from Abbott and Costello (yes, this actually happened, and it was amazing), to wearing sunglasses for the first dance (We did that!), it’s always memorable. One of my favorites was one of my childhood friends had a taco bar. A TACO BAR. At the end of the night. HOW GENIUS? We had way too much wine and needed to soak it up with some carne asada.

Next week, we’ll be flying to Pittsburgh, where our friends will be tying the knot. They are bringing their dog, Daisy, who will be included in the wedding preparations.

I feel like I’m seeing this more and more nowadays. I’m sure people included their pets in their weddings, but lately I’ve seen so many more people want their pooches on their special day. There are dog-friendly hotels, AirBnB’s, and photographers who are experts at making Fido smile during the shoot.

Today, it’s all about wedding inspo, for dog lovers! If we got our dog, Gant, when we were getting engaged/married, I would have totally done one or some of these adorable photo shoots.

Engagement and Save the Date Ideas

Inspiration from Pinterest.

From costumes to beautiful wreaths and signs, so wearing matching t-shirts to announce the save the date, it is JUST SO CUTE!

Maybe they can’t be included in the special day for a number of reasons, so save the dates are much more chill, relaxed way to include them.

Wedding Day Ideas

Inspo from Pinterest. Photo top right and bottom right are from Katie Laines Events.

If they are lucky enough to be included, these are some ADORABLE ways to have them be part of something super special. I love the dog of honor bandana!

I am also excited to be partnering with wonderful wedding planners, both local and around the US. Katine Laines of Katie Laines Design and Coordination sent me the two right photos. They are an awesome planning service in the Bay Area. They do amazing work, as well as recommend my save the dates to dog loving couples.

Overeasy Events, another amazing planning service in Florida, wrote a great blog on many ways to include your dog in your wedding, whether or not they’ll be there on the actual day. Click here to check it out!

In the next coming weeks, I’ll be interviewing Overeasy Events on more awesome tips and tricks to include your dog(s), so stay tuned! And soak in all this amazing wedding inspo!

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