Hello, dog lovers!

Well, it’s nearly the weekend. Some weeks seem to slog, and go by way too sloooow. The kind where you think, “Is it really only Tuesday?!”

Other times, the days are a blur, and before you know it it’s finally time to enjoy the weekend and sleep in.

This week went by pretty fast for me…because it’s MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! My actual birthday was on Tuesday, but in my family we celebrate the WHOLE 7 DAYS. That’s right! Days of celebration. You get to choose what you want to do, without anyone complaining. It’s the best. Everyone should have a week, at least once a year, where it’s all about them.

However, I’m going to give some of my celebration to you, my awesome dog-loving readers! I am offering a fun birthday GIVEAWAY! WOOHOO! I can hear you cheering now, I swear.

You could win one of my favorite products…

A “Life is ALWAYS Better With A Dog” tote bag! I love this so much. It’s high quality canvas, it carries practically everything I need when running errands, and I get tons of compliments.

Blank vibrant pastel colored split tone background

So, how do you enter the giveaway and WIN this bag?! All you have to do is:

  1. Comment below with your name, and what you would use this bag for (errands, carrying your dog’s endless toy supply, etc. be creative!)
  2. For extra bonus entry, copy this blog link and tweet it! Be sure to tag me in the post so I can see it (@saccostudios)

That’s it! Giveaway ends Tuesday, April 16th. Happy week everyone!


  1. Paige Puckett Reply

    I would use this adorable bag for crafty things; colored pencils, paper supply, punches, stickers, and a granola bar🌈
    Then I would show it off at a creative friends get- together—

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