I swear, all I talk about are how much I love podcasts. I get so excited when a new episode appears; it’s like Christmas, but everyday!

If you haven’t read My Favorite Dog Walking Podcasts, Part I, I suggest you head over there first!

For the listener who STILL can’t get enough of anything Bachelor/Bachelorette related...

OFF THE VINE, with Kaitlyn Bristowe
I don’t know what’s in past contestant’s wine glasses (or cocktails), but it seems every bachelor/bachelorette/adjacent show’s alum has a podcast. Why?! To talk about how much you cried on Bachelor in Paradise and now you can cry some more now that you found your love and can put Crate and Barrel on your wedding registry? I especially don’t need this guy on my feed.

But, I can’t resist one alum’s endless chatter – Kaitlyn Bristowe. I loved her on Chris Soules’ season and as The Bachelorette, and for some reason, I can’t resist listening to every episode. Maybe it’s because she’s so open (sometimes way more than needed), and has amazing guests, like Chris Harrison, a hard to come by guest. I love hearing her talk about behind the scenes gossip. Check her out on PodCast One.

For the listener who uses laughter as therapy…

MY DAD WROTE A PORNO, with Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine
I know, you’re thinking…”Uh…yeah…the title alone makes me cringe”. Well, it should. But in a funny way. Jamie’s dad wrote an actual porno, so he decided to read it out loud, with two of his friends. You will not believe the “plot” of the book – a woman named Belinda Blinked works at a high tech company called “Pots and Pans”…yes, you read that right. Listen to the first episode and you’ll won’t be able to breathe from laughing so hard. Their witty comments and attempt to understand the completely ridiculous plot line will have you peeing in your pants. Check it out here.

For the listener who is fascinated by the world of celebrities…and reads every interview…

The only movies I can name with her in them are House Bunny and Scary Movie, but Anna is ok with that. She wants you to know her as a genuine, candid, and funny interviewer who brings on interesting guests. And, she is all those things and more. She doesn’t ask her celebrity friends the usual questions. Instead, she plays games like “Deal breakers”, and has them help her give advice to callers, who ask all sorts of questions about relationships, family drama, and career moves. Her caring and thoughtful responses make you want to call her up yourself. Listen here

For the listener who wants to know ALL the political scandals…

SLOW BURN, with Leon Neyfakh
This new SLATE podcast revisits major political scandals, starting with Watergate and Clinton’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky. He explains how each scandal started, explaining in a clear, concise and interesting way that even the least politically aware person can understand. It goes to show just how easily we can be manipulated. Click here to listen

Hope you start listening (if you haven’t already!), and tell me what you think! Also, what are your favorite podcasts?

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