Happy Thursday, dog lovers!

Today, we’re going to feature gifts for one of my favorite breeds: The Boxer. From their short snouts, pointy ears, and to small tails and extremely short fur, they look like the Boston Terrier’s cousin, only much taller and 60 pounds heavier!

According to AKC Kennel Club, they are great dogs for children, and take their role as a guard dog very seriously. It’s important they are exposed to a lot of people and other animals in their puppy stage, so they are properly socialized.

Boxer T-Shirt, $19.99. Buy here.
The neutral color and pop art style drawing make this shirt a stylish way to show off your love for the breed.

Boxer Makeup Bag, $18.40, Buy here.
Store all the essentials in this adorable pouch. The different expressions and poses of these boxers will make you smile every time you open your purse.

Boxer Art Print, Available in various sizes starting at $24.50. Buy here.
A great piece of art for your living room, wine room (if you have wine room, I want to come over), just for any room!

Boxer Dish Towel. $18.00. Buy here.
You’ll (almost) want to do dishes with this hilarious dish towel.

Boxer Baby Pants and Hat Set, $46.00. Buy here.
Start your child early with an adorable clothing set. They’ll look so cute you’ll be taking 54378 photos of them wearing it (before they poop themselves…).

Boxer Glasses Case, $33.39. Buy here.
Protect your precious eye glasses with this stylish case. The hand stitching makes look special and homemade.

Do you have any adorable gifts for this breed? Comment below!
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