Lately, it seems I listen to a lot more podcasts. I couldn’t tell you the top 10 hits on Spotify, but if you have an hour, I’ll talk your ear off about my favorite shows.

I love listening them when walking my dog. The stress of the day fades away as I listen to topics ranging from self-help to witty pop culture commentary to crazy murder stories and so much more!

Today, I’m going to list some great podcasts for just about every dog walker. No matter your interest, there is something out there for you! I will have many more podcasts to list, so this is PART I of my favorite dog-walking podcasts!

For the…
One who is always trying improve themselves:

BY THE BOOK PODCAST, with Jolenta Greenberg and Kristin Meinzer
Each week, these good friends try a different self-help book, follow it to the letter for 2 weeks straight, and decide at the end whether or not it changed their lives. They’re incredibly funny, real, and honest. They also have an epilogue after each episode, where they read fan mail and discuss if they have continued to use those book’s principles. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
Bachelor/Bachelorette Fan with Sarcasm

HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS, with Emma Gray and Claire Fallon
These hilarious writers lovingly snark on all Bachelor, Bachelorette and adjacent shows, recapping meticulously every episode of this famed reality show. They bring in amazing guests, from past Bachelor contestants to hilarious EW writer Kristen Baldwin. My favorites are when they bring “Girls” actress Allison Williams. Her insight and humor align with theirs perfectly. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
Pop Culture Aficionado

with Ira Madison, Kara Brown and Louis Virtel

These witty, funny, and knowledgeable writers comment on everything from Omarosa to Kanye’s ridiculous tweets to politics and more. You’ll be laughing out loud more times than you realize. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
Listener whose already heard all the “My Favorite Murder” Episodes

UNSOLVED MURDERS: TRUE CRIME STORIES, with Wendy MacKenzie and Carter Roy 
Every week, these hosts delve into an unsolved murder, past and present, using professional voice actors to tell the story. The voices may be a bit hokey at first, but you’ll soon forget that as you dive in and decide for yourself who really did it. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
Music obsessed listener to wants to know how songs are made

with Hrishikesh Hirway 

Ever wanted to know how “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac came about? What Lorde was thinking on her latest hit single? Hrishikesh interviews each artist, letting them take over and discuss how the process of making a song takes incredible time, discipline and lot of fine tuning. You’ll never listen to music the same way again. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

For the…
One who loves old movies and the Old Hollywood movie stars

with Karina Longworth

Ever wanted to know how Frank Sinatra got his start? The story of Joan Crawford and “Mommy Dearest”? Then this podcast is for you! Karina does extensive research, talking about the fascinating lives of some of Hollywood’s timeless stars. My favorites are the Blacklist Series, where stars were accused of being members of the Communist Party. Available here and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Those are my favorites for now! I’ll be making another list of awesome podcasts in the not so distant future! What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

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