Well, it’s already January 10th, 2019. Can you believe it?! I am sure everyone will be saying that for the next week or two, but I really can’t believe it’s a new year.

The first half of 2018 was a time for figuring out our next direction. My husband and I had been living in Connecticut for 8 years at that point, where we lived the “boarding school life”, as they call it, where he was teaching History and Philosophy. A year prior to that, we had been discussing new opportunities. He had advanced as far as he could in that position, and it was time to find out what else was out there.

After discussing the top locations we would move to (East Coast – Massachusetts/Maine/other parts of Connecticut or West Coast- Oregon/Washington/California), it was time to job search. Because my job is flexible, we worked on finding the right opportunity for him.

I remember it distinctly. It was around March, right before we were leaving for vacation. A job offer. From a school that sought him out. In a place we didn’t even consider: Florida.

After days, hours, minutes of debating, while flying halfway across the Atlantic, we decided to go for it.

It was going to be such a shock for us – a whole new state that we had never even visited, away from friends and family, with a completely different climate than anywhere we had lived before.

I remember saying that for my 40th Birthday, I wanted to go to Disney World. And now we live 15 minutes away.

DISNEY WORLD! The happiest (and most expensive) place on Earth.

Because of all this change, I decided to put my business on hold. I couldn’t give to attention it needed until we settled in. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would continue, because of the added expenses that come with moving. And, did I mention we just bought a house?! I just didn’t have the energy to get my creative juices flowing.

The day we bought our house.

But here we are, 8 months later, and I am working on away on reorganizing my office. No, not because of Marie Kondo.

In the past few months, I have met other amazing collaborators (you can view some of them here and here), done some awesome craft fairs, been featured on other blogs and social media, and creating as many new products as possible.

I remember in 2014, I could barely pay my bills, I was thousands of dollars in debt, and dealt with some shady vendors. Finally, I can actually have an income AND pay off my credit card. A big leap for me, even it’s a tiny one.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Thank you for all your support. Without it, Sacco Studios wouldn’t exist.



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