One of the great things about owning a dog is you meet other dog-obsessed people, the ones you who can talk about dog sweaters for hours, or compare notes on the best food to feed them. When you find them, you hold on to them. No one better understands you. 

So today, I am showing you some awesome gift ideas to give to your dog loving BFF. 

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What about a beautiful custom portrait? All you have to do is send photos of their dogs (and/or cats!), choose how many pets you want, and voila! Choose from a variety of background colors. Your BFF will love such a meaningful gift.  From $40 and up.
 Click here to purchase.

Is your BFF a jewelry lover? Get them something goes with any outfit. This beautiful bracelet comes with your pet’s name, and in silver, copper and nickel. $16 and up.
 Click here to purchase
Get matching shirts for you and your BFF, and wear them when you just want to lounge, open a bottle, and watch Netflix. With your dogs of course! Starting at $15/shirt! Click here to purchase. 
Is your BFF a whiskey/bourbon/brown liquor lover? These adorable glasses come in a variety of breeds. Because you need to drink in style! $12 per glass.  Click here to purchase! 
Put a photo of you, your BFF, and your dogs, and she’ll treasure it forever.  $19.99!
Click here to purchase. 
The perfect board for wine and cheese nights. Personalize with your pets names.
From $28.56. Click here to purchase. 
They’ll love their morning (or afternoon, evening, whatever) coffee with this personalized mug! Choose from a variety of breeds and a beautiful script of their name.
From $16.84 and up.  Click here to purchase. 
Is your friend a minimalist? This awesome silhouette style print is perfect for their walls. Choose from a variety of breeds. From $14.75 and up. Click here to purchase. 

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