I don’t know about you, but nearly every corporate office I worked at had a Secret Santa around the holidays. You pick a name, hoping it was someone you knew (or at least liked), and now you have to get something pretty cool, or at least semi-thoughtful for the under $20 budget your boss probably came up with.

If you’re lucky, maybe you picked someone you really know, and you know you’ll get them a gift that will put a smile on their face, or at least appreciate the sentiment.

Maybe not, and you got someone you may resent, or really have no idea what they do (are they in Marketing?), so this will be difficult.

But then, you find out they’re totally into dogs, just like you! Perhaps you discover this when you “casually” walk by their desk, and see a photo of their super adorable Goldendoodle. Or you’re heating up your lunch in the kitchen, and they talk about how they just adopted an adorable rescue puppy.

You’re saved! Now you can get something they’ll not only love, but they’ll probably brag about, or put on their desk?!

Here are some awesome gift ideas for your Secret Santa! Next week, I’ll talk about gifts to give your awesome coworker friend!

1. Life is Better with A Dog Mug, $15.00, Sacco Studios (me!). Click here to purchase.

A sentiment so true, and especially on their new favorite mug, which they’ll certainly appreciate during 7:00 am meetings or late night deadlines.

2. Work Hard Better Life Bag, $18.00. PawPrintCoShop. Click here to purchase. 

All those long hours they put it in? They’ll sure appreciate (and relate)! Us dog lovers want our furry family members to be as spoiled as can be!

3. Better with A Dog Sign, $11.95 (and up, depending on size). The Country Sign Shop. Click here to purchase. 

Desk a little bare? They’ll want to decorate once they get this sign!

4. Pet Note Card Set, Packs of 10, $12.00. Sacco Studios (me!). Click here to purchase. 

Know what breed their dog is? Show some extra thoughtfulness with these cute cards. Available in German Shepherd, Yorkie, Beagle and Frenchie.

5. Happy Howlidays Print, $5.00. From DoodleLulu. Click here to purchase. 

Make it extra special by adding a cute frame. They’ll put it out every holiday and think how thoughtful you were!

6. Dog Mom Socks, $15.00 from WineALittleGifts. Click here to purchase. 

They’ll love these cozying up by the fire, watching their favorite Christmas movies.

Hope you enjoy these gift ideas! What gifts do you like to give for Secret Santa? Sound off in the comments below!

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