Oakland has become quite the hipster town these days. Unique eats like Thai temples turning into delicious buffet restaurants draw the crowds on Sundays, and Jack London square has a bustling Farmer’s Market.

Then, there’s a car dealership turned restaurant in the heart of the city. This fun and hoppin’ place doesn’t offer much on the outside, but on the inside, you discover a glass enclosed outdoor space perfect for local beer and fresh food with friends.


There are so many dogs here, it feels like you are required to bring one.


Trees, fire pits, benches, ivy curving along the brick building, and a side bar overfill this welcoming patio. You could sit here for hours with your favorite pooch.


Want to put Fido on your lap? No problem? Hanging by your table? Absolutely! On a dog bed you brought from home? Sure, why not?!



The food is also delicious for us humans. We had the famous “Frito Pie” and one of their famous New Haven “Apizza”, among other things. You also can’t forget their amazing beer, made on site. I highly recommend trying one (or all, let’s be real) of their local brews.


In case you don’t want to be with the dogs (Who are you?!), head inside to their awesome bar, where you can see all the beer available on tap.

I love how they kept some of the original signage from when Drake’s was actually a dealership.



So, if you’re ever in the Oakland area, and want to bring your pooch along for some good beer and good food, head to Drake’s! And don’t forget to read this  before you go with your dog to make sure it’s a fun (and safe!) experience for everyone.


Drake’s Dealership
2325 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: (510) 568-2739

Website: drinkdrakes.com


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