You know what’s great about Labor Day weekends? You get a four-day work week! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Do you ever feel like the days just pass you by?

With that being said, it’s time for this week’s blog post! Again, how is it THURSDAY?!

Every week I try to come up with a topic that is not only interesting, but brings a new perspective. Things that I would want to read. As I’ve looked through the last 10 blog posts I’ve written (!!!), I realized I haven’t really shown you exactly what type of products Sacco Studios sells. Of course, you can click “Shop” on my website and find out, but I’d like to take a moment and showcase one of my favorite (and popular) products: the custom pet illustration.

I love these because they are unique, personal, and you get some control of how they will look. With every custom illustration, you choose the colors for the background and text, what text you would like on the portrait (the dog’s names, adoption or birthday date, etc.), and the size of the portrait (5×7, 8×8 or 8×10), so it fits perfectly on your wall.

Let’s walk through how easy it is to get a custom pet illustration:

First, select the size you want:

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 5.33.39 PM

I offer three separate listings: one for dogs only, one if you have a dog AND a cat, and one for just for cats. The drop-down menu tells you exactly how much each option costs. If you have more than 3 pets, I am happy to work with you, but typically, most people have 1-2 pets. Price includes TWO proofs (so you know it’ll be perfect!), custom colors for the background and text, and of course, your adorable furry family members.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 5.33.51 PM

Then, I ask if you have read the instructions below the listing. The reason I ask this is because I want to make sure you know EXACTLY what to expect, including shipping policies.

Where are the instructions? They are right here, below the listing:

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 5.37.10 PM

This is all the information I need in order to get your custom pet illustration started.

After your order has been placed, it’s time to send me photos of your adorable dog(s) (or cat(s))! I prefer they are high resolution, so I can get the little details. Don’t have any good photos? Take some with your phone! We all know you have hundreds of photos of your pet.


This is an example of a great photo. It’s taken in natural light, both faces are close up, and I can see the little details.

Time to get working! It usually takes me 1-2 days to complete a portrait, depending on the detail of your pet. Here is the photo above translated into an illustration:


The first proof is the time to look it over and make any changes. I am pretty open when it comes to changing things you want for your portrait. Just ask, and I’ll let you know if I can fix it. I want you to be happy and willing to work with you to make sure your illustration is exactly how you want it (within reason, of course!)

Then, I will send a second proof. This is the last time to make any last adjustments. Typically, I do any “big” changes in the first proof, but I am happy to fix something I initally missed. If you have more changes after the second proof,  there is a small fee for any additional proofs needed. Like I said, I want your portrait to be perfect, but it takes time.

Once you, the customer, is happy, I send it off! I use my Epson Artisan 1430, with Epson Premium Presentation Paper. The quality is amazing – it manages to match the colors exactly how I see them on my computer screen.


I cut it to size, insert it in a protective sleeve, roll it up and put it in a poster tube. In the past, I have used flat envelopes, but the portraits were getting bent in the mail.

Once shipped, I send a tracking number so you can check the delivery date.

Lastly, frame and enjoy.

You can click on the “Shop” link on my website or click here.

Want to go directly to the pet portraits? Click here for a pet illustration for dogs only, and here for a single cat portrait, and here for cats AND dogs.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions! Remember, I want this to be a positive and fun experience.


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