One of the most important things a small business owner needs, especially one that has to do a lot of designing, printing, assembling, mailing, is an office. It needs to be functional so you can stay organized and easily get anything you need within reach.

That’s why when we first moved into our home, it was one of the first things I started designing. In my old office, it was way too small, and had no place for all of my supplies. The tiny closet held all my clothes, as the bedroom could only fit my husband’s wardrobe. All of my shipping materials were stored in the basement, so I would have to schlep down there everytime I shipped an order. During the busy seasons, I brought up a bunch of materials so I could easily have them on hand. However, they just sat there, leaning against my desk. I would trip or fall over them constantly.

Second, my binders that held all the important documents – invoices, billing statements, and tax information were stuffed into tiny cabinets, which made it difficult to take them out easily without everything else coming out with them.

This new office had to have plenty of storage, space and reflect my personality. I want to feel relaxed yet motivated and ready to tackle each task.

Here is my corner, the place that fuels my passion to work on my business everyday.


After some repainting, putting together furniture, and getting the right carpet, it’s finally complete!


My little workspace. A minimalist desk so my area stays clean. Just the essentials – my computer, a mouse, planner, some pens, a stapler, and a motto: Ready. Set. Go! Helps me keep motivated everyday.


My EPSON printer, where all the printing happens. Without this thing, I would not be able to get the quality I want for my custom portraits.



The little extra details: A chair for brainstorming, and a cute Boston with glasses! I found it at HomeGoods and couldn’t resist.


My shelf is full of little treasures – including a photo of when my husband and I first met, a group picture of some of my CT friends, and pieces of my artwork.


Of course, my supervisor is always on hand to make sure I’m staying focused!


He’s tired and needs to take a lunch break.


Want to know where I got some of my office furniture and artwork? Check the sources below:

-Writing Desk: Project 62 for Target, $170.00 Click here
-Printer Desk: Project 62 for Target, $150.00 Click here
-Rug, Opal House for Target, price depending on size (mine is a 5 X 7), Click Here
-Shelf, Target $162.00, Click here
-Boston Terrier/Frenchie Artwork – HomeGoods (not sure it if it’s still available, as it was awhile ago).  Here are some cute alternatives here, here and here
-I Speak Dog Mug, I’d Rather Be Home With My Dog Art Print, and Life in the Years Print, are available via my Etsy shop here
-Orange Chair –, $209.00, Click here
-Pillow, Target (noticing a theme here?). Just google “Blue Aztec pillows” on and I’m sure you’ll find some great choices!
-Chair, Target $180.00, Click here




  1. Love your mug and your cards. I bought condolence cards a while back and they made people smile. I would keep the mug for me!

    • Lindsay Sacco, Sacco Studios Reply

      Hi Christine! You are the winner! Please email me with your address! lindsay(at)saccostudios(dot)com! Thanks!

  2. Hi Christine! Thank you for your great comment! However, I think you posted on the wrong blog entry! It should be under “Giveaway”. Can you copy and paste your comment there? Thank you so much!

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