Summer Fashion: My Essential Walking Outfit

What?! The snow is gone?

I can put my boots and coats and scarves away?


Unless you live in a climate where it’s always warm and rains puppies and candy, winters are long and cold, and you can’t wait to break out your summer dresses and cute sneakers you bought 3 months ago waiting for this moment.

And, not only are you ready to run for the hills and sing “The Sound of Music”, so is your dog. Instead of taking one step outside to find it’s pouring rain, your dog gleefully jumps out the door ready to catch the ball.

Lately, I’ve been taking out my dog at least 4 times a day, because a) it’s too nice outside! and b) staring at the computer all day makes my eyes hurt.

Before I take the dog out, I have a few essentials I wear every time. I want to be cool, comfortable, and hands free, so I can really maximize by ball throwing skills.



  1. Leggings, $20, Target   –  (First Image) I have a very hard time finding leggings that are not only high-waisted, but are “long” length. Most leggings are “regular” length, which is fine, but “Long” actually looks like it was tailored for me. They are the perfect stretch. Plus, I don’t look like a complete slob if I need to run a quick errand after my walk.
  2. Cross body Faux Leather Bag, $12.99, Target.  I always take dog treats, my phone, and sunglasses, and this fun, budget-friendly cross body carries them all. Comes in a wide variety of colors (my faves are black and cognac), and looks expensive.
  3. Boston Terrier Tank Top, $35 Sacco Studios Etsy Shop.  This lightweight tank is the perfect addition to any dog walking outfit. Features a hand-drawn Boston Terrier. You can even wear it out with a cute blazer and jeans!
  4. Ray-Ban Clubround Re-mix Sunglasses, $170. You can get any type of sunglasses out there, but these classic specs will last for years. Their classic style works for both men and women. I just bought mine a few weeks ago and I love them!


What are your favorite essentials? Sound off in the comments below!

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