Snow Day

I should have known.

Living in New England for almost 6 years, there is always a surprise snowstorm.

But it’s February, almost March even (but hey, whose keeping track), and it’s been in the 50’s for weeks.

This morning my husband and I had plans: we were going to go run some errands so we could enjoy the afternoon.

At six am this morning, my husband lets me know “school is cancelled”, and there’s a snowstorm outside. I mumbled “that’s nice” and pulled the sheets over my head. 2 hours later, I looked outside, and saw this.


So, my friend and I decided to take the dogs out. Her dog is much more into snow: she’s agile, energetic, and is born to be in the cold. My dog? He wears coats. But I decided to take him out anyway.




The further you go back, the more beautiful it gets: tree branches entangled with each other, golden leaves hanging by a thread, and powdery snow weighing down the trees, causing archways that you have to duck under.



It’s like a postcard, but in your own boarding school backyard.



Then just three hours later, the sun came out, the sky became blue, and the snow stopped falling. So, we took the dogs out again, and this time with a few more of their friends.


They spent an hour catching snowballs and running around like they have never seen snow before.




In a dog’s world, sometimes all you need is just some snow.


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