Polkadog Bakery

On a lazy Sunday, I was laying on the couch, scrolling through my Facebook news feed, and came across a video that someone posted. The title said “Dog gets best day ever”. Now, I’m a huge sucker for any video with a dog, so I just *had* to press play.

The video features George, a service dog who was treated to a day filled with all of his favorite activities, celebrating his wonderful service to an 11 year old girl with disabilities. (Click on the link here to watch the video. Warning: you will shed tears!).

One of the places they went to was Polkadog Bakery. It’s basically a dog’s version of heaven: Treats in glass jars, bins full of toys, dog beds, food, accessories, and more treats.


We were headed to Boston in a couple of weeks, and when I discovered they were located in the South End, I just HAD to go.

On the day we planned to go, we realized it was a lot farther than we thought. Three different train transfers and a twenty-minute walk later, we found it. It was as if the clouds had opened up, shined a light, and angels started to sing. I was tired, hungry, and ready to sit down, but nothing was going to stop me from buying everything in the store.  Now, this isn’t just any pet store. Their selection of treats is unique and impressive, including cheeseballs, 5 different varieties of biscuits, yogurt treats, bones, chew sticks, and tons more. It’s the dog’s version of a candy store.


Thirty-minutes later, we had bags of treats and toys.

While it was a haul to get there, I can’t wait to go back. As the video proves, every dog deserves all the treats and toys that exist in the world.

If you can’t get here, they also have some products online.

This location: 256 Shawmut Avenue, South End, Boston 02118

Other locations and website: click here. 


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