My Favorite Dog Walking Podcasts

Podcasts are everywhere these days. It seems like anyone (and everyone) is creating podcast. Have you seen all the Bachelor podcasts?

Fortunately, there are several great ones in the sea of the podcast world that I listen to over and over again, especially while walking the dog. There’s nothing like going on a long walk, your dog joyously off leash, and letting the stress melt away for an hour.

So, get your earbuds, tennis shoes, and let’s start listening!

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    2 Dope Queens:
    Jessica Williams (Daily Show) and Phoebe Robinson talk about everything, including racism, Leonardo DiCaprio, women’s issues, first time loves, and man buns. They also have 2-3 comedians come perform, but their undeniable chemistry, wit and banter make this show addictive. Check them out here.
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    You Must Remember This:
    Are you into Old Hollywood movies? Obsessed with stars like Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra? Then this is the podcast for you. Karina Longworth, the narrator, does an incredible amount of research, giving you a well rounded episode of a star’s background. One of my favorite series is “The Blacklist”, where she talks about stars who were accused of being a part of the Communist party. Check it out here.
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    Here to Make Friends – A Bachelor Recap Show
    If you’re way into the Bachelor franchise, and love to analyze it as much as possible, this is the podcast for you. Hosts Clare Fallon and Emma Gray delve into each episode, going beyond the obvious feminism and racism, especially for Rachel’s season, and talk about the issues in a thoughtful and perceptive way. They also bring on guests like Nick Viall and Allison Williams. Check them out here.
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    Switched on Pop 
    Ever wonder why Taylor Swift used a certain beat in her song? Or what makes the #1 summer song “Despacito”so successful? Listen in with Nate Sloane and Charlie Harding, who bring in their song writing and musicology background into a different song every 2 weeks. You’ll never listen to an Ed Sheeran song the same way again. Check them out here.
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    Anna Faris is Unqualified 
    You’ve probably heard about this podcast everywhere, but I’ll endorse it again. The first half of the each episode Anna and her co-producer, Sim, invite guests from Eva Longoria to Johnny Galecki and plays games like “Deal breaker” and spontaneous improve sessions. The last half they call listeners to have willingly submitted questions for advice. Anna’s genuine interest and care as she tries to help the callers make her even more likeable. Find more info here. 

There are so many more, which I will probably list in another blog post. I’d love to hear your suggestions as well! Sound off in the comments below.

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