My Favorite Dog-Friendly Fall Outfits & Accessories

Well, it’s official. Summer is over (cue the crying).

Fortunately, my second favorite season, Fall, is upon us. Hello Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or that’s at least what my friends are excited about), apple picking, cute boots and sweaters, and of course, playing in the leaves with your pooch.

It’s also a great season to explore local trails, walking paths and parks with your dog. Fall is Connecticut’s best season, and I love seeing the leaves change from green to burnt oranges and deep purples. The weather gets cooler, especially in the evenings. Instead of easily throwing on flip flops, you have to plan, making sure your clothes can easily change with the temperature.

While every year there’s something new and trendy to buy for Fall, I always go back to my staples. What has worked for not only walking the dog, but looks fashionable and can stand if you get a little dirty?

Usually, it’s workout gear, as it’s multi-functional for working at home and being able to hike in the trails. I know I am the exception, and most people want to be able to walk their dog without having to worry about getting their trench coat super dirty or stepping in mud wearing their favorite flats.

So, today, instead of scouring the internet for cute finds, I picked a few items I actually OWN (or very similar items to what I have, if not available). They’ve been tested and stood up to the test of time walking, running or playing with the dog. I hope you enjoy these items, and may they last for years to come!


Sam Eldeman Rain boots, $32.00 – I own a pair of these, and they are by far one of my favorite products. Not only are they fashionable enough to wear with just about any outfit, they are waterproof! Perfect for those rainy fall days when you don’t want to constantly switch between your boots and flats. They come in a variety of colors (I have the leopard ones). Click here to purchase. 

American Eagle Backpack, $29.96 – My new favorite accessory. Has tons of pockets, especially two in the front that can hold a water bottle. Fits even more inside. I also use it when I volunteer with my dog rescue, because it can hold so much. Stuff a few donuts in there when you’re apple picking! Click here to purchase. 

Floral Nike Sneakers, $69.98 – Skip the boring gym sneakers and step out in style! Featuring a beautiful floral print, a sleek design and thin black laces, this shoe is more of a fashion statement. Click here to purchase. 

J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket, $150.00 – Perfect lightweight coat for short walks in the morning or evening. Plenty of pockets for throwing in a waste bag and treats. I love wearing this with a striped shirt, jeans and floral sneakers. Click here to purchase.

Lululemon Warm Downtown Jogger, $98 – I’m all about easy fashion. These pants not only are super comfortable, but are sleek enough to wear while running errands with a cute tee and flats, then transition to hiking with a pair of sneakers. Click here to purchase. 

Coach Flat Card Case, $75 – You’re walking along the trails, and your favorite coffee shop is only a 1/2 mile away, so you decide to get a latte. Oh, crap! Your purse is at home, because who wants to bring a bulky handbag while walking? Next time, just put a few dollars and all your necessary credit cards in this perfectly sized flat card case. There are plenty of them around, but I love my Coach one, because it’s high quality leather. Choose from a variety of colors. Click here to purchase. 


Madewell Grey Cotton V-neck, $19.50 – I live in long, soft cotton tees. They’re comfortable, soft, and the perfect length for my tall figure. I love wearing them with my Lululemon joggers (above), sneakers and a bomber jacket when out and about with the dog. The one I wear is not available, but this is pretty similiar. Click here to purchase.

Old Navy Studio Rib Hoodie, $35.00 – This is the perfect pullover for those slightly cold mornings or evenings, when it’s just cool enough to throw on something cozy. I have one in green or “I Saw The Pine”, but kind of want one in every color! Click here to purchase.

North Face Trench Rain Jacket, $180 – One of my favorite raincoats. Not only is it extremely waterproof and lightweight, but it’s minimalist and sleek style make it a perfect rainy day staple, whether you’re headed to work or just outside. Click here to purchase. 


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