Gant’s Guide: Great Holiday Gifts Under $25

It’s that time of year again, where you spend hours untangling Christmas lights, putting up the tree, and of course, blowing your budget on gifts.

If you’re like me, you’re constantly trying to find the “perfect gift”, which results in going overboard and buying way than you need to (or should) buy, causing you stress and more credit card debt.

So, to ease this stress, I decided to make more personalized gifts. Since I create for a living, why not use make some great custom gifts? It’s a lot more fun creating something truly unique and special for friends and family.

Luckily, if you don’t have the time or skill to do this, there are amazing businesses out there that do this for you. Whether you want to something customized or a gift that really “speaks”, here are my favorite gifts. Plus, they are under $20! So not only are you getting a truly special gift, you’re not breaking the bank buying it.


  1. “Best Therapist” Art Print, $12. This is a perfect gift for both cat and dog lovers. Frame it to make it extra special. Click here to buy
  2. Leash Holder, $25. Everyone needs a place for their leash. Personalize it with their dog’s name. Click here to buy.
  3. Custom Mug, $18. Get their favorite dog quote printed, so they’ll smile every time they sip their coffee. Click here to buy.
  4. Custom Ornament, $21. The whimsical shape and drawing make this a perfect addition to any Christmas tree. Comes in a variety of breeds. Click here to buy.
  5. “Cat Text Mug”, $15. Yes, I put another mug here, but this one cracks me up. Perfect for the cat loving lady or dude in your life. Click here to buy.



  1. “Dog Petter” Pin, $10. Pins are so in now. Put this on a cute jacket or purse. Wear it proud! Click here to buy.
  2. Make Your Own Dog Biscuit Mix, $24.95. Make homemade dog treats for your dog walking group. Click here to buy.
  3. Custom Dog Stationery, $16.50 for a set of 10. Perfect for the writer in your life. Click here to buy.
  4. Tote Bag, $20. Perfect for the dog-lover who spends more on their dog than themselves. Click here to buy.
  5. Baby Onsie, $16.50. Get a onsie for the newest member of the family. Comes in a variety of breeds. Click here to buy.

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