Gant’s Guide: 5 Favorite Things

Hello again!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited for Fall. The leaves are changing, the weather is a bit cooler, and you can break out your favorite pair of boots.

It is also the time for fresh ideas. It’s been a month of brainstorming, budgeting, and designing new products. This week, however, is the start of a new blog feature: Gant’s Guide: 5 Favorite Things. Every Tuesday I will feature unique products, blogs, charities, fashion, and other awesome finds for you and Fido.

  1. Dog Harness with Bowtie  – This “east coast prep” meets functionality harness is perfect for the dog owner who wants their dog looking as stylish as they are.
  2.  Shelter Dogs by Traer Scott – While many sheltered or rescued dogs do find a loving home, more dogs are returned or never adopted. Photographer Scott photographed several portraits of dogs living in American shelters, capturing their heartache, love, and hopefulness. Once you read this book, you’ll want to go to your local shelter and rescue every dog in sight.
  3. Instagram: @adventuredogsofficial – They’ve only been on Instagram for a couple of months, but they are getting attention. Be inspired to go camping, hiking, or swimming with these fun photos of dogs and their owners in the great outdoors.
  4. Link AKC Smart Collar – This is no ordinary collar. It tracks your dog’s activity levels, GPS location, and environmental alerts if it senses your dog is in a dangerous environment. AND it’s rechargeable.
  5. Companion Pet Rescue – This organization is very dear to my heart, as I volunteer with them. They work countless hours making sure dogs get loving homes. Check out their website and an organization that’s local to you. Trust me, there are hundreds that can use your help!

That’s all for today! I would also love to know any cool finds you come across! Comment below and I’ll check them out!

Photo:  From @adventuredogsofficial
Photo taken by @dailydoseof_denali

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