Gant’s Guide #2: 5 Favorite Things

Hello to a new week! It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for a round-up of “Gant’s Guide: Five Favorite Things”. Missed the last post? Click here!

  1. Doca Pet Feeder: Their modern and sleek designs will make your dog’s food and water bowls will look like part of your home decor. Comes in 3 different height options.
  2. Dog Breed Quiz: Looking for your new “furry”family member, but don’t know where to start? Take this fun quiz on It helps you narrow down what dog breeds might be best for you based on your life style. Asks questions like “How long will the dog be alone?” and “What type of climate you live in”.
  3. This adorable birthday card. Perfect for any dog-lover on their special day.
  4. These amazing socks. I gave these to my husband last Christmas. They go quite classy with a grey suit.
  5. Matching Friendship Bracelets and Dog Collars. Flaunt your BFF Status with your pooch with their classy designs. (See above photo)

That’s the list for this week! Sound off in the comments with your cool finds!

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